Kundali Bhagya 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Srishti tells Preeta to tell the truth to everyone. Preeta tells her that without evidence she can’t do anything. Srishti tells her that Rishabh trust her so much. Preeta says to her that now Rishabh and Sherlyn are husband and wife so it’s complicated. She tells her that she will find a way to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi. Srishti tells her that now she can see her strong old Preeta and asks her to expose them as soon as possible. Preeta tells her that she wants a device and the recording should not get deleted no matter what. Srishti tells her that she will ask her friends and leaves from there.

Karan enters the house and asks Preeta about Rishabh. She replies him that Rishabh is in house only. He notices that her mood is off and hugs her to comfort her. He goes to room to change. Kritika and Dadi enters the house. Dadi goes to freshen up. Kritika asks Preeta to come to her room to see the gifts and leaves from there. Preeta thinks that Kritika has no idea that what’s happening behind her back.

Rishabh enters Kritika’s room and hides the gift boxes in cupboards. He finds Sherlyn’s earring in Prithvi’s shirt pocket. Prithvi enters the room and asks him that did the latter came to accuse him again. Rishabh holds his collar but leaves it hearing Kritika’s voice. Kritika asks Rishabh to play old songs on her birthday party. He nods at her and leaves the room. Kritika tells Prithvi that seems like Rishabh is stressed about something. He tells her that he is stressed not Rishabh. She tells him that he must be jealous that she loves Rishabh so much. Dadi comes there and tells Kritika that Rishabh ignored her. Kritika tells her that Rishabh is busy with her birthday party preparations that’s it and asks her to not think much.

Rishabh asks Sherlyn about the earring she lost yesterday. She lies to him that she found it. He shows the earring to her and asks her that why she lied to him. She tells him that she didn’t wanted to give any stress to him that’s why she lied about earring. He tells her that he is talking about Prithvi. He asks her that why she said to him that she loves him and why she asked him to trust her when she knows that she don’t deserve his trust.

She tells him that Preeta would have instigated him against her. He asks her to accept the truth. She asks him that how can he accuse her just because she lied about her earring. He reveals that he found this earring in Prithvi’s shirt pocket. He tells her that she can’t lie anymore and cuts off all ties with her. He says to her that he don’t want to see her in his room and he is going to tell the truth to his family.

Kundali Bhagya 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rishabh tells Preeta that he believed her since beginning. He says to her that Sherlyn broke his trust and it involves Kritika’s life too. He thanks her for telling the truth to him. She feels bad for him and apologizes to him. Karan comes there and asks Rishabh that where the latter going now. Rishabh hugs him and leaves the house saying that he is going to event.

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