Bigg Boss 15 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

In today’s episode starts with Day 7 at 8 AM; inmates wake up. They dance in the group. Vishal talk on the camera and says today’s song is apt.

9:30AM: Big G brings the scroll for the inmates. Pratik read the scroll.

10 AM; Shamita says Pratik is left alone. Vishal and Jay asks Shamita to be at their side.

10:15 AM: Prakash says food is left. BB says Donal and Prakash is taking about the rashan. Donal asks Tejasswi not to make paratha. Vidhi says it is not possible. Donal asks to cook rice and dal. Tejasswi refuse to cook rice and says she decide and cook.

11 AM; Buzzer ring and Jay collect stuff from the store room. Pratik tries to fetch the key from Karan. Ishaan tries to block Pratik’s way. Karan tries to hide the map from Pratik and get succeed.

11:15 AM; Shamita says she can’t play a game because three of them are not in sync. Nishant says to Shamita that she returned the map thus, he pounced on her. Tejasswi talk with Sahil and says Shamita did wrong by giving the map. Ahead, Shamita and Pratik argues with each other for last day. Shamita call Pratik selfish.

12:45PM; Ishaan talk with Meiysa.

1 PM; Nishant says Pratik that Shamita didn’t cook for all and made only for her. Pratik says she is diplomatic.

1:15 PM; Tejasswi asks Ishaan to tell he wants two people food or for himself. Ishaan asks to give for two. Jay and Vishal pulls Meiysa and Ishaan’s leg.

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2:15PM; Shamita asks Vishal if within 7 days such thing can happen seeing Meisha and Ishaan spending time together. Vidhi says Ishaan and Meisha’s connection seems serious. Meisha laughs hearing Shamita, Vidhi, Vishal and Umar.

Ahead, buzzer ring inmates gets pathway pieces to build the way. Karan, Vishal, Jay, Umar and others decide to make path in front of Pratik post collecting the pieces first.

3PM; Pratik and Nishant break washroom lock.

3:30 PM; Vidhi inform Jay, Prakask, Vishal and others that she was inside despite that Pratik break the lock of the washroom.

Vishal and Karan complaint and says if destroying property is allowed than he will destroy the whole set. They asks to take action and they are ready to wait.

3:45PM; Vidhi confront Pratik about losing the latch as she was taking shower. Pratik says to Vidhi that she can put allegation if she can. He apologize to Vidhi. There, Sahil, Karan, Vishal and others enter the house and take the mattress. Pratik says Vidhi is putting allegation on him. Vidhi argue with Pratik.

Other side, Afsana refuse to take the mattress. Karan gets upset with Afsana’s action.

4 PM; Vishal asks Nishant if according to him Pratik did right when Vidhi was inside. Nishant refuse to comment. Later, Karan argue with Afsana for not taking mattress. Afsana tries to defend herself. There, Vishal asks Pratik if he did right. Pratik says yes. Akasa says to Pratik that he did wrong.

4:45 PM; Karan asks Nishant if he knew Vidhi was inside still they loosen the lock. Pratik defend himself. Karan argues with Pratik. Vidhi says to Ishaan that Pratik is stooping low for the game. Ishaan says he is a looser.

Afterwards, Shamita gets angry on Nishant for backing Pratik. She inform Karan about the same.

6:15 PM; Afsana says to Karan she is not manipulated by Nishant. Karan refuse to believe Karan. Both argues with each other. Afsana cries saying she can’t trust anyone. Nishant and Pratik talk with each other and conclude Karan is giving tough mind game. Pratik refuse to trust Karan. Later, Afsana cries and Karan, Jay console her.

7 PM; Nishant talk with Pratik and says Jay will wait till weekend for Salman’s reaction.

8:15 PM; Tejasswi read the captaincy task instruction for the inmates. Inmates can choose the captain amid Shamita, Nishant and Pratik. As per the task Barbque set up is there of Shamita, Nishant and Pratik has to convince inmates to choose them captain. Inmates can decide by themselves.

8:30 PM; Task start, inmates decide to make Shamita the captain of the house. In the meantime, Shamita, Nishant tries to convince the inmates to vote for them

9:45 PM; Pratik asks inmates to make him the captain to surprise the audience. Nishant says Karan is irking him by pretending sweet but he is diplomatic. Ahead, Vishal give offer to Pratik that if he wants to be a captain than he has to let them make the way to the house. Pratik accepts the offer.

10 PM; Amid, Shamita, Nishant and Pratik; Nishant gets out from the task as inmates vote against him.

10:15 PM; Later, Donal and Tejasswi argues post former claimed latter taunt her. Simba support Tejasswi.

10:30 PM; Shamita become the first captain of the house. Bb congratulate Shamita. Ahead, Nishant asks Pratik why he promise to the inmates that he will let them make the pathway. He adds he looks foolish than. Pratik says he did what was needed at that hour.

1:45 PM; Vishal asks Ishaan and Meisha to prepare tea for him too. Jay and Vishal fetch the bread and eat. Karan join them later.

2 PM; Ishaan and Meisha sleep together. Simba and Akasa discuss about Meisha. Simba says girl like Meisha’s life revolves around boys and he has met many like her. Akasa agree with Simba. Both talk with each other.

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