Kumkum Bhagya 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Pallavi telling Daljeet that Prachi is manipulating her. Daljeet says it is not Prachi but Rhea who is manipulating the family. Pallavi supports Rhea saying she has never seen something wrong in her. She then says to Prachi that she has intentionally done this. She says she is bad in everything. She says that they have blind folds on because of which they are not able to see the truth. Prachi folds her hands infront of her and requests her not to call her a bad sister. She asks her not to think that she is Talking back but then she is talking because she felt bad with her words and she has right to say to her but she can’t doubt her intentions.

Ranbir supports Prachi and says that Prachi has always been good and was talking good about Rhea. Prachi says that she trusts Rhea that she has changed. She agrees that it was her mistake that Rhea fell down but that doesn’t mean she has done it intentionally. Pallavi says that she can’t call her a bad sister but she can call her a bad daughter in law. She says that a sister can’t do this but a daughter in law can do this to the other one. Ranbir is about to say something but Pallavi asks him not to support her anymote. Rhea gets up from the sofa to leave but then hisses in pain. Pallavi holds her and shouts at Ranbir to call the doctor. Ranbir does as asked. Daljeet tells Prachi that she is proud of her that she fought for herself. She says that bearing is a crime as well. She tells her to fight for her husband after asking her whether he and Rhea is same for her. She asks her to see things and act according to it. She hugs Ranbir and Prachi.

Shaina asks Rhea whether she really felt pain to which Rhea says in the beginning she did but it’s not too much and she was just pretending to be in Ranbir’s mind. Prachi brings her soup and tells her that she can never do this to her. The doctor checks her and Rhea pretends to be in pain because of which the doctor asks her to take bed rest. Pallavi denies Rhea from going to Bangalore shocking her. Shaina says that she wants to hurt Prachi but she herself got hurt. Rhea asks her to leave to her guest room.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2021 Written Update:

Abhi searches for his alcohol bottle while Pragya with Sushma and Dadi watch him hiding. Abhi leaves to search for his alcohol. Pragya sneaks inside his room and the moment he is about to enter she acts like she threw the dart. Abhi looks at the board and asks her whether she really done this. Sushma and Dadi comes there. Pragya and Abhi challenge each other as to who will win. Sushma and Dadi take sides. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. The Screen Freezes.

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