Meet 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Meet and Meet Ahlawat cries in their respective places reminscing Manushi’s betrayal to them. Raivardan asks Babita to break her fast by having food. Babita asks him to don’t show his fake care. Raivardan says I told you whatever happened than why you’re questioning my love from years. Meet comes to their place hearing their words. They notices her. Babita says you choose misfit bahu for our son and until now we choosed everything after discussing but you take important decision of Meet life without consulting me.

Ragini brings food to her and says I know you’re hurt but bhaisab took correct decision for our Meet so please have food. Babita throws the food plate. Meet looks on. Babita says if Raj took correct decision that our house may filled with happiness and you will understand if Ram choose this kind of lady for your son and will you accept this girl as Bahu but you’re lucky that you had daughter and she will go to other house but I have ti live with this girl in our place and we have to see her every day even though we don’t like her so keep your suggestion with you and she leaves. Ragini wipes her tears.

Meet cleans the food fell on floor. Masoom asks you’re happy right? Everything is your families plan right! Your entry is created differences between our parents and we are not happy with your entry so remember it. Babita gets tears seeing her son condition and he goes to him and wipes his tears. Meet cries hugging her. Meet sits mandir in tears nd tells to his Dad that she is not understanding how to fulfill her responsibilities as Manushi ruined the hapiness of two families and God you know what’s correct for us but you didn’t do correct by sending me here. Babita asks Meet to forgive her and you don’t deserve this girl. Meet says it didn’t happened if you were with me at that place.

Next morning Meet wakesup. Sunaina asks Meet to get ready for the next rituals and she asks Shyam to take Meet to her room. Masoom sends Shyam to get her medicine saying Choti Bahu will search her room. Meet searches for the room and some table fell down and legs got removed than Meet sets it than she reaches to Meets room where he changes his dress and he questions why she came to his room after wearing his shirt. Meet says they asked me to go to my room. Meet Ahlawat says it’s my room so stay in guest room.

Meet 7th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Babita wears lambadi kind of dress according to her bet and her inner self mocks her than she throws things from dressing table. Raj asks why she wear this dress. Babita remembers her pride she had in front of her friends and says to Raj because of your decision I will have to face consequences and do as said in bet. Meet Ahlawat asks her to leave. Ragini comes to get Meet ready for Muhdikhayi. Meet asks her to give her another room. Ragini says she is your wife and will stay with you so get adjusted. Meet leaves saying she is not his choice of wife. Ragini shows the dress to Meet which Babita designed for her Bahu. Meet says it’s for Manushi. Ragini says no one can change the fate so don’t feel guilty as destiny planned to unite you with Meet not your sister.

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