Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Vibhu and Saxena near jhakar katti. Happu Singh come and asks what are you doing in bushes. Vibhu asks what are you doing here. Happu Singh says I’m worried from many days. Vibhu says why did your wife caught you. Happu Singh says no I’m getting some wierd messages from many days. Vibhu and Saxena micks him. Happu Singh says you both are sending bad messages on police website.

Vibhu says you are girl that we will message you. Happu Singh says you both are listing devotional songs in bushes. Vibhu says we didn’t write any comments for you. Happu Singh says you are being caught now come with me to police station. Saxena says do we get third degree torture there. Happu Singh says that is also a game for you so I arranged fourth degree for you so come and falls behind.

Happu Singh beating Vibhuti and Saxena in police station and ask them tell me what game are you playing against me. Vibhu says we are not playing any game. Happu Singh says to you both were playing rummy in bushes. Vibhu says that comment was ofr Tiwari it has nothing yo do with you. Happu Singh says you are a lier and says to Saxena you are right person so tell me what game you are playing against me. Saxena says I’ll not tell until you don’t beat me chilli coated stick.

Happu Singh says I have fat stick for you and start beating him. Happu Singh says now accept your crime of posting negative comments. Saxena says we are not commenting on police website we are just playing a small game with Tiwari we have no relation with you or your website. Vibhu says try to understand we are playing with Tiwari. Happu Singh asks then who is messing with me. Vibhu says use some common sense if any person commented on police website from his laptop can be caught easily.

Happu Singh says then why can’t I catch him. Saxena says because he is not using his personal laptop. Vibhu says these crime are committed from cyber cafe. Saxena says you should go and search all Cyber cafe. Vibhu says I’m sure you will geta any clue. Happu Singh says Tiwari also opened cyber cafe. Vibhu says yes start from there. Happu Singh asks to raid on his cafe. Saxena says do it in Ajay Devgan’s style. Happu Singh beats Saxena.

TMT at cyber cafe having pakido. Tillu asks Teeka to write comment for law. Angoori come with snacks and sees man in black clothes says did you eat anything or not. TMT greets Angoori. Angoori says I made some sweet for youm TMT thanks her. Angoori says you are my customer, finish this first I’ll get more.

Happu Singh walks in cyber cafe and shouts nobody will move. Tiwari come and says we is polluting my cyber cafe environment and walks to him. Happu Singh says I think so your cafe is polluting environment of ehole kanpur that’s why I have raid your cyber cafe, from this cafe some criminal acts are happing. Tiwari asks what kind of criminal activities and who told you about this. Happu Singh why should I tell you.

Angoori come and asks what’s happening. Tiwari says he is saying some criminal activities are going on from.our cafe but my account is already hacked. Happu Singh says some customers are here too I’ll talk to them. Angoori says you have misunderstanding. Happu Singh says don’t worry have faith in me I’ll not harm your cafe, I have doubt that conspiracy against me is been done from here and ask TMT to go and sit in car outside. Teeka says I feel dizzy because of motion sickness. Happu Singh slaps him and ask Angoori not to let him enter inside. Happu Singh sees a man in black dress walks to him and says come with me and asks him to show his face.

He remove his hoodie and turned out to be Manohar. Happu Singh says you were against all this, I think you as of my younger brother and you ditched me go from here. Tiwari says I don’t understand what’s happening in my cyber cafe. Anu walks in cyber cafe with anger says whatever is happening is not good. Tiwari says what are you saying Bhabhiji. Anu says don’t take my name. Angoori asks what happen. Anu scolds Tiwari. Tiwari says atleast listen to me. Anu says I’ll conduct rallies against you for negative comments on my videos, but bottom of story is that you have misbehaved with me.

Happu Singh says to Anu worry no one can misbehave with you when I’m here, I’ll do his encounter. Anu says uf you don’t know everything then don’t say. Happu Singh says I know everything, now ask who misbehaved with you. Anu asks who did. Happu Singh says he is your husband Vibhuti Narayan Mishra chhapar University topper and you know he accepted everything in police station and Saxena was with him. Anu says I’m sorry to Tiwari.

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Anu and Vibhuti in bedroom. Anu reading comments and ask what all did you wrote explain me. Vibhu says leave it. Anu says I want to know whta you mean while writing this here read it. Vibhu reads comment and says whatever I did is to teach a lesson to Tiwari. Anu says you disrespected me. Vibhu says my intention were not that, I just want to teach him. Snu says then what way was this to teach him lesson.

Vibhu says so should I shoot him, I did the way he did to me. Anu says I don’t understand why did you drag me in between how can you write these things for me. Vibhu says I’m really sorry you are most beautiful angle for me snd apologize to her and start singing for her. Anu smiles and gets inside blanket with her.

Tiwari in his house. Ammaji snd Angoori come. Ammaji says I’m feeling hungry do you wayto eat something and how much calculation you’ll do. Angoori asks hiw mush profit did we make. Tiwari says ask about loss and mocks her. Ammaji says what are you talking about her don’t you have any shame. Tiwari says in cyber cafe total investment was of 1 lakh but it turned out to be 2.5 lakhs, your daughter in law have given food to anyone whoever come to cyber cafe and she use to give all kinds of paratha and sweet too. Ammaji says you never made sweet for me.

Angoori says Bhoore taught me recently I’ll surely make for you. Tiwari mocks her and shouts on her. Angoori says why are you shouting Ammaji taught me if a lion come to your home nevelet him leave hungry and those all were my customer. Tiwari says if you want give them tea, coffee. Ammaji says I’m proud of her she have good habits of food godess. Angoori says its true nobody leave hungry from Ammajis house.

Tiwari says niw you both will tell me what I should do. Ammaji says keep your computer in side and shut down. Angoori says yes do what Ammaji is saying I was also not loving cyber cafe, I love cooking and asks Ammaji to start what else business we can do. Ammaji says you can go for beauty parlour lets start this business and both leaves.

Happu Singh beating TMT in jail. Happu Singh says you were messing with me, I’ll file case against you three of traitor. TMT gets shocked and says what are you saying. Teeka says we will complaint against you to Commissioner. Happu Singh beat them and says I’ll gile case of smuggling too on you three.

Happu Singh gets out jail and walks to Manohar. Manohar says this is injustice. Happu Singh how are you standing when I went inside I punished down lean down and scolds him says you commented against your senior and slaps him. Manohar says them stop insulting your junior, leave TMT but I’m an human being. tMT gets angry and shouts. Happu Singh says listen to me first. Teeka says we know you will ask for bribe. Tillu says we will not give you anything. Happu Singh says first listen to me.

Malkhan says so we should talk about you sister in law. Happu Singh says that’s why I don’t like them not ready to compromise. Teeka says you have always ditched us when come to compromise. Manohar says first listen to Happu Singh. Tillu says what are your conditions. Happu Singh says now you are talking right, you have do positive comments for me. TMT says we are ready. Happu Singh says okay then you all are free. Teeka says okay we will do your work.

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