Ghar Ek Mandir 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Genda gets call from Varun, Varun says lets go out and have food out too, Genda says why today, Varun says because its your birthday, Genda says you knew it still you didn’t wish me, Varun says sorry Happy Birthday and now get ready and since Papa said we have to go and he has also done reservation in his friends hotel, Genda says okay Papaji asked too so we are going,

Varun says why do you always go wrong way, go get ready, Genda says I don’t want to go anywhere there is lot of work. Anuradha and Nisha walk to Genda and wishes her, Anuradha says why didn’t you tell us, and now go ready Kundan told me you going out with Varun, Genda says okay and says yes to Varun on call, and says Mummyji said so I have to go and disconnect the call.

Genda touches Anuradha and Nisha’s feet for blessings, Nisha thinks about how Kundan insulted her by letting Varun and Genda do the pooja and gave house responsibility, and thinks she made me feel down always now look touching my feet and also will take revenge for all of yesterday’s incident and says Genda why didn’t you tell me I would have cooked something for you and its so nice Varun is taking you outside where as your Manish bhaiya keeps forgetting my birthday and never takes me out and what gift Varun is giving. Genda says I will go get ready, Nisha thinks once I find what Varun is giving and then will celebrate her birthday.

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Maharaji sees Varun on bike and stops him and asks him how he is celebrating Genda’s Birthday, Varun tells hotel plan, Maharaji says don’t go empty handed here have this bouquet, Varun says flowers, Maharaji says flowers are best gift and they will bring happiness, Varun says she doesn’t like anything about me and keeps getting upset, Maharaji says God made sun and moon and still have eclipse but they rise again and similar is relationship there will be ups and down and so accept weakness if eachother and go ahead hand in hand and there will be respect and happiness in life,

and today is good day to start as its her birthday and festivals and birthday are for such times where we bring happiness and to give eachother happiness is husband and wife responsibility. Varun says okay. Maharaji says I give just advice free hut bouquet costs you, Varun smiles and says sure how much, Maharaji says as you wish. Varun pays him and leaves.

Genda getting ready, Nisha helping her, Varun walks in with a gift, Nisha sees gift in his hand, Varun says sorry, Nisha says can’t you knock and anyways no entry go out and takes his gift and closes the door.
Nisha says Genda this blouse looks dull change it wear this one. Genda says it won’t match, Nisha forces her too. Genda leaves. Nisha says this gift will bring differences.

Genda walks to Varun, Varun can’t get his eyes off her. Varun says come sit on moped and gives her helmet. Genda keeps little distance between her and Varun, Varun notices it, Nisha walks to them with gift in a bag and says don’t forget your gift, Varun says thank you and both leave.
Nisha says Genda you both will never forget this birthday and the gift.

Genda keeps hand on Varun on speed breaker and says sorry, Varun says you can keep hand I won’t eat you. Genda keeps hand on his shoulder.
Varun and Genda reach hotel, Varun has booked room for Genda, Genda says tell me something where are we going, Varun says I am not kidnapping you, Genda says you using this tone because Papaji asked you too, Varun says even Mummy told you so you came, anyways come.

Genda walks in her room and sees whole room decorated for her birthday. Genda surprised and happy. Genda thanks Varun, Varun says you liked it, Genda says yes a lot, but if you wanted to celebrate my birthday so nicely why were you always so upset, Varun says you were getting upset, you keep arguing, and don’t start again, lets take a break for war. Genda smiles. Varun gives her flower bouquet, she loves it and smells it. Varun hands her gift, Varun says go change quickly.

Genda says not now, we will be late, Varun says we have time, I will order food you go change, Genda says I am wearing saree, and we will be late, I promise I will go home and wear, Varun doesn’t like it and says will you have food or don’t feel like, Genda says I am not hungry but wilp have whatever you want, Varun says what is wrong with you, Genda says why so upset, and tell me did you really remember my birthday, or someone else told you, Varun says how does that matter and all this doesn’t,

Genda says you acting as if you are doing favour and don’t worry we will go home and I will tell everyone you were very good to me and took lot of care of me. Varun says why do you feel you aren’t happy with me do a thing here is money call your friends and party, I am going home, come when you feel like and leaves.

Agarwal house all preparing for Genda’s Birthday, Shivam asks Kundan to help him blow balloon, Kundan says as you say and says Maharaji we have to be kids with kids, Maharaji says we all have kid in inside and should let it live time to time. Varun gets home.
Genda opens card which reads with Love Varun and says how stupid of me to ruin everything, I hurt him when he did all this for me, what should I do now. Genda opens the gift and finds short dress. Genda surprised.

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