BhagyaLakshmi 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ayush shows the money and Papers to Lakshmi and she asks him how he arranged so much money than Ayush tells her upper portion is real and remaining are dummy papers so tell what’s next. Lakshmi asks him to call Shanaya. Ayush calls her with Vip number. Rohan sees it’s call from Vip than Shanaya asks him to keep it on speaker. Ayush calls to Shanaya as Bindra and tells her that we have life changing offer for you and if you’re intrested than come to hotel paradise sherton to meet me.

Rohan also hears the call. Shanaya denies to meet them than Lakshmi says we are rivals of Rishi and it’s beneficial for you if you meet us. Shanaya asks what’s the benifit. Ayush says they can’t tell on call. Shanaya agrees and asks about their company name. Lakshmi tells her hotel wintage maiden. Shanaya asks who’s she. Ayush says she is owner of our company. Shanaya agrees and once she cuts the call, Rohan checks the Wikipedia. Ayush says they are half trapped and he asks Lakshmi to come with him in disguise for Rishi. Lakshmi agrees.

Shanaya and Rohan comes to hotel. Receptionist sends them to the room booked by Ayush. Ayush and Lakshmi practices how to act infront of Shanaya than Ayush welcomes Shanaya and Rohan to the room. Shanaya sees Lakshmi who came in disguise than she says I saw you somewhere. Ayush says you may saw her in news. Shanaya asks why they called them. Ayush shows them 20crores cash and company papers and asks them to get Rishi jailed and don’t take the case back as it will benifit our company as Rishi is our opponent. Lakshmi gives them 5m time to think about it. Shanaya and Rohan goes out.

Malishka calls Ayush and asks him to check the Rishi mail. Ayush tells her it’s not possible as I came to trap Shanaya with Lakshmi. Malishka asks if he is mad. Ayush cuts the call than he informs to Lakshmi that he reveals to Malishka everything by mistake. Ayush won’t attend Malishka calls than Malishka tells to Neelam on phone that Lakshmi is going to do the same mistake and this time Ayush is with her. Neelam asks what’s she doing. Malishka tells them about their meeting with Shanaya in hotel. Neelam tells to Virendra that Lakshmi has already done so much and if she does something more than our son will be trapped. Ayush switches off Lakshmi phone. Virendra tries her number but it’s switched off. Neelam tells to Virendra if Rishi lands in problem due to Lakshmi then i will forget that i brought Lakshmi here to save Rishi’s life and I will throw her out so go and stop her. Virendra leaves. Karishma asks what happened than Neelam tells her about Lakshmi’s plan to get Shanaya confession.

Shanaya tells to Rohan that this might be trick to trap her as she never heard about this company so it might be Rishi’s family members plan to trick us than Rohan says i will get Rishi jailed for atleast 10 years if they play with us so let’s check the papers and cash than we will know whether Rishi gets saved or not.

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Malishka meets Rishi and tells him Lakshmi again went to meet Shanaya and she is making us worried as you can prove culprit before going to court. Rishi feels worried for Lakshmi. Malishka says Ayush is with Lakshmi and I feel this time they are going to do big blunder so don’t worry I will call media and tells them that whatever Lakshmi did is soley related to her and you’re not involved in it. Constable tells her time is over than she leaves.

Virendra comes to hotel room and meets Lakshmi and Ayush in different attires than he asks what are they doing. Lakshmi takes him to room and tells their plan to Virendra. Karishma says it might not happen if you scold her previously. Neelam says I’m not person who take class so think 100 times before questioning me and previously Lakshmi intention is to save Rishi but this time she went to meet Shanaya after knowing her cunning nature so it’s good to handle her through law. Karishma says like Malishka. Neelam says like your brother. Virendra says it’s not possible as they may check cash and papers than Lakshmi asks him for 15m time. Virendra gives her 15m time.

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