Kundali Bhagya 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sherlyn enters Prithvi’s room to tell about Rishabh and changes the topic after seeing Kritika. She goes to Prithvi and murmurs to him that she is in big trouble and takes the mobile charger from him saying that hers is not working. Dadi comes there and asks Sherlyn to call Girish. Sherlyn leaves the room and signals Prithvi to come out.

Kritika shows the gifts to Dadi. On the other hand, Rishabh recalls that how Sherlyn talked about baby and also how he found her earring in Prithvi’s shirt pocket. Rishabh’s friend Sankalp comes there and asks Rishabh that where was he till now. He asks him that did the latter fought with his wife and asks him to join for drink. Rishabh refuses but Sankalp convinces him to drink. He drinks a lot.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn waits for Prithvi in the kitchen and he comes there and tells her that why she is behaving like this when he clearly told her that they should stay away from each other. She tells him that they are in trouble because Rishabh got to know about their affair and tells about earring matter. He tells her that she should have made an excuse. Preeta tells them that that’s not possible because Rishabh will expose them tomorrow. She says to them to enjoy their last night here and leaves the kitchen.

Kritika gives saree to Dadi. She takes the necklace she brought for Kareena. She finds the gifts Rishabh kept for her in the cupboard and gets excited. She goes to Rishabh’s room. Drunk Rishabh tells Sankalp that his family will get worried seeing him like this. He talks about Karan and tells Sankalp that Karan loves him so much. He thanks him and leaves from there.

Kritika asks Preeta about Rishabh. Preeta tells him that he went out. Kritika informs her about Rishabh’s gifts and tells her that she is lucky because Rishabh is world’s best brother. Preeta tells her that Karan must be waiting for water so she will come to her room after giving water to him.

Rishabh feels frustrated recalling the recent moments ( Dhoondo mujhe ab main rahta hu wohin song plays in the background ). He stops driving and feels that he hit someone so searches the person there but could not find no one. Karan calls Rishabh and asks him that where is he now. Rishabh tells him that he really don’t know that where is he now. Karan understands that Rishabh is drunk and asks him that is he fine. Rishabh asks him that why it happens with him always. He tells him that he will reach home in five minutes and disconnects the call. Karan tells Preeta that something is wrong for sure otherwise Rishabh won’t drink.

Kundali Bhagya 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

After some time, Rishabh reaches home and tells Girish that he will sleep in guest room today. Karan asks him that why he drank today. Rishabh asks him to not scold and apologizes to Preeta for the inconvenience. Karan asks him to drink in home if the latter want to drink then. Rishabh hugs him and asks to not worry about him and takes him from there.

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