Rishton Ka Manjha 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Arjun tells Ajit that whatever the person he is working with as a goon comes to their house for any favor so he should know who is Arjun Agarwal. He also asks to call his bosses through them he will know who he is. Ajit says to Arjun that he made a mistake by not killing him the other day. Everyone gets shocked. Arjun asks Diya’s family have they seen their so called soon to be son in law who they have chose for Diya. One of Ajit’s friend gets a notification and he gets shocked and shows his other friends also Ajit.

Ajit takes the mobile and shows it to everyone and tells this is the truth. Everyone gets shocked seeing Arjun and Diya’s photo is published in the newspaper. Diya shockingly looks at Arjun who looks down. Ajit’s sister tells they were questioning his brother but their daughter is doing such acts and they hide this from them. Sadhna’s sister says that she knows this is what happens.

Both Arjun and Diya may act they have nothing between them but they hide it very well using their so called love and passion for badminton. Madhuri cries infront of God’s idol and asks God to help Arjun comes to the venue on time. She also questions why god is testing her like this. She then tells that she tried hard to keep Arjun away from badminton but Diya ruined it everything. She also tells that she didn’t expected this from Arjun who broke the marriage ritual and left his family’s reputation at stake for someone like Diya.

Amitabh’s mother comes there and asks Madhuri to not to cry saying that Arjun will come to the house on time and he won’t break his promise. Madhuri cries and tells their reputation is at stake also after Diya came in his life he once again started his obsession for badminton which ruined his life. She further adds before Diya comes to Arjun’s life Arjun may drunk often and sometimes misbehaves with the family members she is fine with that but now she is worry about him more because he once again starts concentrating on badminton.

Arjun tells everyone that he is a trainer to Diya and also a friend they don’t have any other relationship other than this. He also tells that the day Diya came to attend his ceremony he take her to the backyard of his house to train her badminton that’s when the picture has been taken and asks not to believe any of that which is written in that newspaper. Tina gets angry when the car breaks down. Niharika calms her down saying even if they reach the venue later than they have planned thr least Arjun will do is take Diya to the competition nothing else but end of the day he is going to marry her only.

Tina says to Niharika that she promised to Madhuri that she wont let Arjun go near the badminton and if he gets successful taking Diya to the competition today then she will be defeated which she can’t accept. She then tells that she wont let anything come between her because Arjun is her obsession and she don’t want to share him with her. She then sees a cab so she goes there and asks the cab driver to take her to Bhavaniphur and gets into the car. Niharika follows Tina and she also gets into the car.

Rishton Ka Manjha 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Sadhna’s sister tells that Arjun belongs to rich family for him all these are fine and nothing won’t affect but Diya is the one who going to suffer for her deeds and she will definitely tell this to her sister Sadhana that her word comes out true. Ajit’s sister and father tells that they don’t want to take Diya as their daughter in law to their house after learning this truth and asks Ajit and his friends to leave the mandap. Diya and her family gets shocked. Diya pleads Ajit to listen to her but he leaves so she cries. Mohan’s brother and his wife also tries to stop Ajit and his family saying they can talk but they don’t listen and leaves the place. Luv thinks how they are going to handle the situation also wonders whether Arjun will reach the venue on time or not. Few guests comes and asks Luv why their house doesn’t looks like there is wedding going to take place. Luv tells them that they have still time once the ritual starts they will play music’s and everything and takes them outside saying they can have snacks.

Meera asks Arjun what is his problem and why he is behind her daughter Diya and hell bent on ruining her life. Diya asks her parents to believe her saying whatever written in that newspaper is a lie also they have a relationship that is nothing more than a trainer student also a friend. Meera scolds Diya for not listening to her words which put them in this situation. Everyone gets shocked when Mohan falls unconscious. Diya cries and they all spray water at him and gives him water when he gains consciousness. Arjun tells that he will bring the car to take Mohan to the hospital but Mohan holds his hand and stops him. Arjun and Diya looks at Mohan confusingly. Mohan apologises to Arjun for not believing his words earlier also thanks him for saving Diya’s life from getting ruined. Diya’s aunt comes and tells Diya and her family are they planning on making Diya stay as an unmarried women for her entire life. Because of them they have faced so many humiliation and listening to Arjun’s words they let Ajit family leave the mandap.

Diya’s cousin asks her mother what is she saying infront of her only Ajit talked to Diya and her family rudely also misbehaves with them but her mother asks her to stop it and tells that Ajit is a guy and the surrounding in which he had grown up also his working environment is a little different than them so she dont think Ajit is a bad guy and scolds Diya for purposefully breaking this alliance. Diya asks her father to not to worry once he recovers fully they will think about her future but once again Diya’s aunt starts saying Diya has to remain unmarried for her entire life. Mohan cries and tells that he is happy that his daughter didn’t get married to someone like Ajit but he is equally worried that no one is going to marry Diya after this. Arjun hears this and looks at Mohan.


Diya’s aunt says who will marry someone like Diya. Arjun tells that he will marry Diya. Diya looks at Arjun. Everyone gets shocked.

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