Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rajavat’s performs ‘puja’. Rani thinks that there is nothing left between Jai and Nanthini’s relationship and Jai won’t change too so she should expose him. Jai mocks Rani for failing to expose him. He tells her that even God won’t be able to fulfil her wish because she can’t win against him and asks her to stop wasting her time. She tells him that he will face destruction and God will help her for sure.

After some time, Veer tells Rajeshwari and Rajmata that he is happy that they are fulfilling his wish. Rajmata tells him that he and Rani can’t stay together until their marriage. He thinks that recently only romance beginned in his life but he messed up. Rajeshwari informs them that they should do engagement and sangeet today. Rani gets excited hearing her. Veer asks her to feel shy too because she is the bride. She teasingly tells him that he is feeling shy instead of her.

Kajri prays to God and she fails to notice that her duppata caught fire. Vikram notices that and saves her and scolds her for her carelessness. She taunts him. He asks her that why she is behaving like this since yesterday. She talks about his marriage and asks him to stay away from her. He asks her that what’s the matter. She confesses that she likes him. He gets surprised seeing Kiara there and goes to her. Kiara hugs him. He takes her from there. Kajri cries seeing that. Champa tells her to snatch what the latter wants and leaves from there.

Kiara meets Rajavat’s. Rajeshwari recalls that how she insulted Kiara and asks her that why the latter came now. Rani asks her to forget the past because Vikram and Kiara loves each other. She tells her to give another chance to them. Vikram tells Rajeshwari that Kiara changed. He realises something and asks Kiara that why she changed her decision suddenly. Kiara reveals that Rani stopped her and convinced her to give a chance to their relationship. She tells him that she was confused and Rani showed the right path to her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Rani tells her that the latter is here because of Vikram’s love. Rajeshwari also accepts Vikram and Kiara’s relationship. Vikram thanks her. Rani suggests to fix Vikram and Kiara’s marriage date too. Rajmata announces that Vikram and Veer’s marriage will happen on same day. Kajri thinks that Rani did wrong with her. Rani suggests to do Nanthini’s marriage with Jai again. Rajmata agrees with her. Rani thinks that she is going to use Champa’s anger to expose Jai.

Champa asks Jai that how can he agree to marry Nanthini. He tells her that Nanthini is his wife already so it doesn’t matter and leaves from there. Later, Rani tells Jai that he should propose Nanthini. He tells her that he already planned to do that and the latter spoiled his surprise and proposes Nanthini. Rani notices Champa’s reaction. Other side, Kajri tells herself that Vikram just belongs to her and no one can snatch him from her.

Veer tries to romance Rani but she sends him out of the room saying that they can’t meet like this. Champa tells Jai that she wants necklace too because he gave one to Nanthini. Rani sees them together.

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