Bigg Boss 15 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcome the audience. Khan talk about weekly performance of the inmates. He says they entertained the audience despite anything. Salman talks post Shamita became captain check out what all happened after that. Shamita allot duties.

Inmates says they will work only when they will inside the house. Afsana says she will only perform duty when she will go inside and will only wake up when alarm will buzz. She adds when everyone will stop speaking in English she will wake on time. Shamita gets irked with Afsana. She says she will order but will not give punishment. Afterwards, Vishal mess up Afsana’s bed. Both argues with each other post Afsana claim Vishal interrupts everyone to get the footage.

Afsana gets offended as captain herself speak in English. She says she will play solo and wanted to give vote to Nishant but everyone asked to support Shamita. Shamita says Afsana has a problem with her and confront latter. Both argues with each other. Nishant tries to support Afsana. Shamita asks him to stay away. There, Vishal apologize to Akasa as he unintentionally hit her.

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Later, Umar claim Afsana is taking footage. Afsana argues with Umar. Nishant asks Afsana to be quiet. Afsana apologize to Shamita and Vishal. Jay asks Afsana to speak little low. There, Ishaan and Meisha talk with each other. Ishaan confess his feelings to Meisha and says he likes her. He adds he feels some connection with her. Meisha asks Ishaan to give her sometime. Ishaan give time to Meisha. Umar says to Vishal and Jay that Ishaan and Meisha’s love story is speeding up.

Furthermore, Salman enters the house through TV. Inmates perform Navratri special dance for Salman.

Salman next talk about nomination. He congratulate and says ever in the history all 13 contenders are nominated together. Khan further asks Tejasswi to give him weekly highlight in 2 mins. Prakash summary Salman what all happened this week in the house. Host asks Vishal to summary him like the way he talk on the camera. Salman asks Afsana to sing a song on the current situation of the house.

Khan compliment inmates for giving entertainment in the first week but what they will do in upcoming weeks. He further asks Shamita to translate in Marathi whatever he will speak. Shamita follows the instruction. Host further shows the highlight of the week. Inmates was seen chasing the map.

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