Bigg Boss 15 10th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcome the audience. Khan welcome Srilankan singer Yuhani. Yuhani present her most trended song. Salman share the talk with Yuhani. He sing along Yuhani. Yuhani sing a song for Salman.

Further, Khan discuss and says he will reveal today who is getting eliminated. He meet the inmates and compliment them. Khan says who is most relaxed today. Donal says she is the one as post Dangal she cleared misunderstanding with everyone.

Ahead, Salman tell about ‘soch room’. He asks Nishant, Akasa and Umar to go inside ‘soch room’. He explain the task and contenders will be asked question and the two who will lose will get a punishment. In first round, Akasa won as she revealed the name of Donal when Salman asked who inside the house is not understanding the game. Inmates support Akasa. Nishant and Umar gets the water spray. Salman next asks who inside the house is pretending leader but actually the person is follower. Inmates agree on Pratik’s name. Khan next ask who amid Jay and Afsana will leave the team one needed. Housemates vote against Afsana along with Nishant, Akasa and Umar.

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Host asks who is the manipulator of the house? Umar vote against Jay. Who is most unhygienic? Umar and Nisant took Meisha’s name. Akasa took her name for the question. Ishaan tries to defend Meisha. Meisha and Donal argues as former claimed latter took her name first. Ishaan call Donal fake person.

Heated argument happened between Donal and Meisha post latter called former that she is the one who took her name for the most unhygienic person inside the house. Ishaan console Meisha. Meisha feel insulted and cry. Donal talk with Umar and says Meisha is manipulating Ishaan else he was good with her. Karan talk with Simba, Ishaan and Meisha. He asks them not to get affected by whatever is happening. Karan asks to focus on making the pathway.

Tejasswi, Shamita, Jay, Vishal and Karan discuss about Afsana. They find her irking. On the stage; Salman welcome Arjun Bijlani and Astha Gill. They promote their song ‘Sawariya’. Afterwards, Salman promote ‘The Big Picture’.

Later, Salman welcome Karan Patel, Arjun Bijlani, Nikki Tamboli and Neha Bhasin to discuss about BB 15 contenders performance in the first week. Nikki support Pratik. Arjun and Karan support Karan Kundrra and Jay. Neha give her support to Pratik and Shamita. Neha and Nikki says Pratik is running the show. Salman says Pratik is going overboard. Arjun and Karan speak against Pratik too and felt he did wrong by showing his aggressive side in the first week. Nikki says inmates have made Pratik lonely and she feel bad for him. All discuss about Pratik’s behavior inside the house.

Karan Patel and Arjun feel amid the all girls inside the house, Tejasswi is rocking. Salman loves the discussion.

Elimination is discussed amid the contenders along with Salman. Sahil Shroff’s journey gets ended in the show. Shroff bid the adieu to the inmates. Meisha and others gets sad for Sahil.

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