Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Geetanjali Devi thinks about whatever happened in the wedding. Gajender comes and relaxes her. Simar gives water to Sandhya and tells her that whatever she has done today is became role model for her from today onwards. She praises her, even Vivaan and Aarav feels proud of her. Sandhya tells that she also doesn’t understand that from where she got all those strength. She says that she understands cared about her husband, her family, it all doesn’t mattered to her.

Geetanjali Devi shows concern for the Ranaji and tells about the threatening they gave them. Geetanjali Devi tells that she doesn’t understand what had happened to Sandhya Bahu today why she behaved like such. Sandhya also showed concern about the threatening, but Aarav consoles her.

Mohit shows his anger on his men. His father tries to comfort him, he says that he will finish the Oswal family. His father ask him to calm down and take smart step. He tells his father that should he sit silently at his home. Ranaji tells him that he wants to put Sandhya on his feet. Mohit says that he wants Aditi and now he wants Simar too.

Viveek wedding is done. Griraj gets up from the wedding as he get the video of Aditi’s wedding. Chitra sees that video too. She tells that how Sandhya bhabhi got that mich courage to slap Ranaji son. Shobha enjoys the situation, she tells that Geetanjali Devi ask her to cancel her son wedding but look what happened to her family wedding. Griraj shows concern for Geetanjali Devi but Shobha tells him that she must be alright.

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Gajender is waiting for Sandhya to come, as she comes he tells her that have she stopped hiding her face in Simar’s room. She says that she was not hiding her face. He taunts her that what happened that she doesn’t cared about sharing with her husband and took all decisions by herself. He tells her that she have to give explaination to him as well as his mother. He tells her that tomorrow morning she have to explain the reason behind her action.

Yamini Devi calls Jogi and tells him about Geetanjali Devi as disasters happened with her family wedding. She enjoys that this incident happened to her family. She says that Geetanjali Devi must be shivering from inside, as she always tries to show strong she is?

Geetanjali Devi worries and tells to herself to have control on her emotions. She takes Gopichand picture and speaks to it that who will handle their family heritage. Aarav gets flash back, Vivaan ask him what he is busy thinking. He tells to him that Sandhya showed her courage and her truth was her weapon, taking such big decision for her daughter on her wedding day. Aarav praises Simar, Vivaan leaves from there. Simar ask permission to ask something from Vivaan, she tells him that we all do mistake and we should always give a second chance to our loved ones. Simar is in dilemma how she can bring Reema and Vivaan together.

Vivaan comes and says thanks to Reema for supporting his family today. She says that she did all these for him just because she knows how important his family is to him. She says that she keeps on crying all night, Vivaan saya that he doesn’t care whether you do anything. Reema thinks that it all happened just because of Simar.

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