Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Virat looking at Sai from the door. He thinks that he is responsible for this condition and with whom she doesn’t want to stay. Devyani comes back to hospital. Pulkit tells Sunny why he came back. Devyani says that she should stay with Sai. Ashwini tells her that she cannot see her condition, still she insisted to look at Sai.

Sunny tries to talk with Sai, Pulkit informs him that she cannot hear him. Devi hides at face looking at her and unable to control herself. Pulkit informs that she had operation, donot touch her. Pulkit calms Devyani down. Devyani tells Ashwini that when she will get healthy she will come back to see her. Doctor informs them Sai is a fighter, that’s why she is getting recovery very soon.

Virat prays to Bappa to recover Sai soon. Meanwhile some movement starts happening to her body. Virat feels for Sai, he runs towards her. He sneaks her from the door, she has opened her eyes. He doubts whether she saw him or not, he gets flash back. Nanid gets call and ask Sonali to book a cab for the hospital. Omkar and Sonali make issue for the cab rent. Shivani taunts them and ask to book the cab soon.

Bhawani us missing, Shivani tells that she is sure that she haven’t went to hospital. Everyone takes part of Bhawani and worries for her. Shivani says that due to some people Sai condition is like this. Mansi ask Shivani to stop blaming. Palkhi ask Shivani not to look at her and blame.

Shivani says that she will go at any cost. Sonali ask Shivani not to taunt Palkhi. Pulkit says that Virat doesn’t want to comes inside. Sai opens her eyes, Sunny ask her that she wants to see Virat. Pulkit says that she still haven’t got back her fill consiousness. Sunny says that he knows Sai is looking for Virat. Bhawani comes back and ask about Sai condition to Palkhi. She informs that her condition is better after Sai got blood.

Shivani doubts on Bahwani, Karishma wonders that Virat and Sai is made for each other. Sonali taunts her low thinking, Mansi tells Bhawani that as she is not healthy then how she did it. Bhawani says that she realises that she should pray for Sai, Shivani taunts her. Bhawani says that she didn’t realise that Sai and Virat should always stay together for their better health.

Omkar says bad things about Sai, Shivani stops her and calls her troller. Omi says that they cannot start her loving, even Shonali supports Omi. Bhawani says that when are they getting to hospital, Palkhi says that praying to God cannot help Sai recover only doctor can help her.

Bahawani says that belief and hope helps the world to work. She says that our prayers will help Sai to recover fast. Sunny comes out of Sai’ s room and informs about Sai’s condition and tells him that she is looking for someone. Sunny tells him that Sai is looking for him, Virat says that Sai donot want to see his face.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 9th-Oct-2021 Written Update:


Ashwini ask Virat to meet Sai, he says that he doesn’t want to meet her. Pulkit informs him that Sai is looking for him. Virat goes to meet Sai, he doubts that due to accident has she lost her voice?

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