Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Anurag going to police station and telling them about the accident. He shows a picture of Kajol to police and police tells him to come to morgue with them and identify the body. Police tells the truck has run over the body so it might be difficult to identify. Anurag calls Rajesh and tells him the same. Rajesh tells Kajol’s family they have called us to identify the body. Everyone breaks down and starts crying. Flashback shows moments of Kajol with everyone one by one. Thakur Maa tells Chandana are you relaxed now?

Thakur Maa tells Chandana you always kept blaming Kajol and calling her different names and now she is gone, she went with Bishu are you happy now? Everyone starts crying and Rajesh tells them to control as it isn’t confirmed yet. Apu comes with Rajesh to identify the body. Anurag reaches the morgue and recalls all his moments with Kajol. He recalls his childhood watching his mother’s dead body and is unable to watch Kajol’s body. Police takes Kajol’s family to the morgue and ask them to identify the body. Anurag thinks first his mother left him and now Kajol.

Apu tells Kajol was wearing a similar suit and the watch is also Kajol’s. Apu asks Shyam why is this happening with us? First father left us and now Kajol,why? Shyam tells we cannot do anything in this. Arjun thinks how can Kajol leave us all like this. Anurag tells this cannot be Kajol he cannot accept that Kajol will leave us all like this. Naina starts crying thinking about Kajol. Chandrika calls Apu and starts worrying if Kajol is safe. Arjun tells them not to say anything on phone and tell them about it after reaching home.

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Arjun tells Naina to be brave and trust him he will make everything right. Anurag asks Arjun what will he do and why did he come here? Arjun tells he came with Kajol’s family to identify her body. Anurag tells this cannot be Kajol she cannot die. Anurag tells Kajol has to do a lot of work she cannot leave like this. Arjun tells we have identified her and it is Kajol only. Anurag tells his heart cannot accept it is Kajol. Arjun asks if this is not Kajol where is she? Anurag tells Arjun wherever she is she is in stress because of you.

Arjun asks Kajol’s family what is Anurag’s relation with Kajol and why is he reacting like this? Rajesh tells he seems shocked. Police comes and informs Anurag that a girl has been admitted in hospital and she is hurt on head and doesn’t remember anything but she is just telling to meet Doctor Anurag. Anurag gets glad and gets into his car and rushed towards the hospital. Anurag rushed to the room and gets emotional on finding Kajol in hospital bed. The episode ends with Anurag sitting near an unconscious Kajol.

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