Nima Denzongpa 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Nima hugging Mania and says I was always worried about you becoming independent but I am happy that you are working now. Mania says I will become a supermodel now. Nima laughs and casts an evil eye from her. Mania smiles and says I never understand you. Nima says my mother used to do the same. Nari and Mania hug Nima. They see Sia looking away and tensed. Nima says she must be worried about work only. Mania says I will have to diet for modeling now.

Mania is trying to sleep but is too excited. She turns to see Sia awake also. She asks what are you thinking? I am excited about tomorrow’s shoot but where are you lost? Sia says do you feel if you are doing something good but then feel bad about it? What if you are doing good but it’s hurting someone? Mania says you should

just listen to your heart and do what it asks you to. Now go to sleep.
In the morning, Nima is going to work. Suresh comes on the road and hints he is going the same path. She nods. They both start walking together to work. Suresh is smiling while Nima is tensed. Their hands touch so Nima steps away. They both arrive at Ginesh’s house. Suresh and Nima hold the door together and their hands’ touch. Nima moves away her hand and goes inside. Bakay sees them together.

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Sia is working in the office. A colleague tells her that her calculations have some mistakes. Sia tries to check her mistake but can’t find it. She looks at Shiv but he looks away.

Suresh comes to the kitchen with groceries for Ginesh’s house and asks Nima where to put them? Nima is running the blender and can’t hear him so Suresh shouts where to put it? Nima starts laughing. Suresh laughs too. Bakay comes there and asks what is going on? Suresh puts the groceries and leaves. Bakay asks Nima what is going on between you and the new driver? She says nothing. He says you know Maaji won’t spare you if you have an affair with him. Nima looks on.

Mania arrives at her shoot venue. She gets VIP treatment from the staff. They take her to the make-up room. Mania is excited. She gets her make-up done and gets ready for the shoot. Mania says I should post on social media. She takes her selfies and her friends praise her on social media. Mania says they are all noticing me now. The staff member tells Mania that this photographer is strict so I hope it goes well for you.

Paras is sitting with Maaji and thinks I hope we get a good model for our shoot. Paras calls Nima and gives her chocolates he brought from the US for her family. She says it’s not needed. Maaji says her daughters are old now, they don’t need chocolates. Paras tells Nima that it’s my thank you for always serving us. Nima takes his gift and thanks him, she leaves. Paras gives a gift to Bakay also. Paras goes to the office.

Mania gets dressed and comes for the shoot. She sees other models also. The photographer takes her photos and says you don’t know how to pose? Mania tries to pose but he gets agitated with her pose. He asks another model to show her poses. Mania tries to copy her but has a hard time. The photographer shouts who brought her here? This girl is a rookie. A staff member says Naina recommended her so we called her. The photographer says not all pretty faces can be models, this girl is useless, she doesn’t have an attitude and fire to be a model. Call another model and replace her. Mania says please sir, give me another chance. The photographer says don’t waste my time, you can’t do it so leave now. Get lost. Mania looks on.

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