Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Akshara can’t help thinking about why Arohi is making contract. She gets last couple of pages of the agreement and asks why Neil needs to sign on Arohi’s condition. Suhasini calls Akshara for the puja. Abhimanyu requests that God give him one sign.

Manjiri shares with Abhimanyu that on the off chance that he can’t focus on puja than he ought to initially finish the work which is getting him anxious. She requests that Abhimanyu do puja later. Abhimanyu leave the spot. Manjiri talk with Cruel. She stresses in the event that Abhimanyua and Akshara will allow second opportunity to their relationship or not.

Suhasini, Swarna and others perform puja. Akshara give focus on Arohi. Swarna requests that Akshara truly do appropriate the desserts among the kids. Abhimanyu requests that God give him one sign. He says he can’t survive without Akshara any longer. Abhimanyu gets fretful to meet Akshara.

Akshara review Suhasini’s recommendation. She gets confounded over her affections for Abhimanyu. Kairav demand Akshara to allow second opportunity to her relationship. Akshara ponder Kairav’s recommendation. She further disseminates desserts among the youngsters. Abhimanu gets stricken seeing Akshara. He says Akshara is seeming to be his significant other. Abhimanyu requests that God give him one sign. Akshara’s saree stalls out in the vehicle. She searches for an assistance.

Abhimanyu review his past with Akshara. He says thanks to God for giving him one sign. Akshara searches for an assistance. She sees Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu strolls to Akshara. He helps Akshara. Akshara checks Abhimanyu out. Manish requests that Kairav search for Akshara as she is absent from long. Kairav choose to search for Akshara.

Abhimanyu requests that Akshara stand by listening to him anything he will say. He asks Akshara not to take pressure and simply pay attention to him. Abhimanyu admits his adoration for Akshara once more. He tells Akshara that he needs to accompany her. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he need to adore her more than previously. Akshara gets fretful. Abhimanyu requests that Akshara quiet and require some investment prior to answering to him. He chooses to hang tight for Akshara’s reaction. Abhimanyu requests that Akshara require some investment. Akshara leave the spot. Abhimanyu requests that Akshara walk cautiously.

Akshara finds Kairav. Kairav decipher Abhimanyu visited Akshara. Akshara review Abhimanyu’s statement. She gets anxious. Abhimanyu gets blissful contemplating Akshara. He gets once again to home. Abhimanyu asks Neil, Nishta and Shefali to rehearse for sangeet.

Neil, Nishta and Shefali wonder about Abhimanyu’s changed way of behaving. Neil inquires as to whether Akshara acknowledged his adoration. Abhimanyu tell to Neil that he held nothing back from Akshara and will hang tight for her answer. Manjiri think Akshara needs an opportunity to open up once more. Abhimanyu tells Neil that second inning of his romantic tale will begin.

Precap: Abhimanyu requests that Akshara allow second opportunity to their relationship. Akshara finds prenup papers concealed by Arohi.

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