Mere Sai 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Abdul tells Jhipri you deceived me, to help me you might have told me however you misled me and presently this show. Jhipri shares with him enough, I might have let you know everything on the off chance that you would have conversed with me, you made a presumption and called me a guilty party, I never expected this from you, I won’t ever let you know truth since you have zero faith in me and we don’t have to celebrate bhai dooj too.

Tatya in Dwarka Mai helping Sai, Jhipri strolls in, Tatya inquires as to for what reason are you so vexed. Jhipri sits infront of Sai and begins crying. Sai requests that Tatya help out.

Abdul contemplates entire Jhipri occurrence. Tatya strolls in and sees Abdul in tears and asks whats wrong. Tatya asks him is ot due to Jhipri. Abdul says I would rather not discuss it.
Sai wipes Jhipri’s tears.
Tatya shares with Abdul, I need to enlighten you something regarding Jhipri. Sai plays Shankh. The sound vibrations arrive at Abdul and Tatya, Tatya says Jhipri isn’t misrepresentation however because of sound Abdul hears Jhipri is extortion. Sai says Jhipri immediately accompany me. Jhipri follows Sai.

Sai and Jhipri arrive at Abduls house. Sai clarifies circumstance for Abdul and shows him truth. Sai tells Abdul, look what Jhipri has done. Shelter guardian and children arrive at Abduls house and says thanks to Abdul for sending gifts for everybody. Kids says thanks to Abdul and leave.
Sai shares with Abdul, you didn’t meet Jhipri thus she felt free to give everything, she needed to tell you yet you kept away from her and didn’t allow her an opportunity. Abdul expressions of remorse to Jhipri, Jhipri says I’m sorry to I ought to have made sense of yet even I lost quiet and left and its great we disposed of contrasts on bhai dooj so we should fail to remember the past.
Abdul and Jhipri observe Bhai Dooj. Sai requests that Abdul give his sister gift. Abdul says I don’t have anything after what she has given me yet I guarantee she won’t ever have tears in her eyes as a result of me. Jhipri says you are the best sibling of all time.

Sai advices everybody to not really accept that all that they see and investigate circumstances appropriately.
Sai sees a couple performing old style dance. They see Sai and welcome him.

A lady awakens and opens windows for aome daylight. She petitions Sai’s photograph that today her birthday and to favor her to have the option to help and keep her significant other and keep him cheerful and keep them favored as he generally has.

Sai strolls to artists. They tell Sai they were rehearsing for a contest, Sai says you performed well and both of you support one another so well and love one another thus the triumphant is most certainly conceivable.

Lady’s better half stops her, he is imbecilic so by his communication through signing he requests that she rest more with her, she lets him know she can’t on the grounds that mother by marriage is now old and can’t see as expected, he signs today her birthday. She says she can’t surrender work and they aslo need to go meet Sai. Spouse flies off the handle.

Sai says to couple, don’t bring contest it between yourselves, consistently continue to help this is Divine beings gifts, terrible things change the condition and lead to destroying relationship forever be thankful for your similarity.

Pre Cap: St Nick Banta assault idiotic husband.His spouse asks Sai, why are individuals so mean, how could they assault somebody obscure.

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