Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Saaransh and Vidhi reports Param and Mishka’s dance execution so several goes to the stage and starts moving. In the mean time, Rudraksh follows Venky. Mishka turns her leg and tumbles down while moving. Everybody goes to her and even Rudraksh comes down the stairs subsequent to hearing her shout. They ponders that how Mishka’s shoe got broken. Mishka attempts to get up and winches in torment so Param picks her and moves towards her room. Others follows them.

Venky lets Rudraksh know that appears as though Mishka’s terrible days are going on that is the reason first her lehenga got demolished and presently her shoe and leaves from that point. Rudraksh analyzes Mishka’s wrecked shoe and notification stick on it and affirms that somebody purposely did it. He reviews that how Mishka apologized to Venky. He asks himself that imagine a scenario where something occurred among Venky and Mishka that is the reason Venky doing this and chooses to discover reality.

Preesha lets Mishka know that it’s not a generally expected injury. Mishka advises her that marriage is tomorrow. Preesha tells her that the last option will not have the option to represent long time so they ought to delay the marriage. Mishka declines saying that she can hardly wait for a year. Param tells her that she is in torment.

She gets some information about her since she will take pain reliever and will utilize ice pack and she will be fine till tomorrow and clearly she will not delay the marriage only for an injury so marriage will happen tomorrow regardless. Rudraksh ponders that why Mishka is frantic to wed tomorrow itself.

Afterward, Rudraksh awakens Mishka and asks her that what occurred among her and Venky. He requests that she come clean since he feels that somebody purposely attempting to stop this marriage. He advises her that he is prepared to help her so the thing is she stowing away from everybody. She lets him know that she is concealing her past and uncovers all that which occurred among her and Venky.

She says to him that she laments such a huge amount for how she managed Venky. She illuminates him that Venky excused her as of now and requests that he leave this matter. She lets him know that she don’t believe that Venky doing this and also Venky has not recuperated totally yet. He believes that he is certain that Venky is behind everything and he has not excuse her yet so tomorrow he will accomplish something important.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2021 Written Story:

Following day, Rudraksh believes that he can’t come clean to Preesha now and chooses to uncover it after marriage. Preesha requests that he care for the designs. He tells her that he needs to go to Mishka and leaves the room. Saaransh requests that he grin so he can record. He shows the previous recording and Rudraksh sees somebody breaking Mishka’s shoe however hands are noticeable. He sends Saaransh to play with Vidhi and goes to Venky and requests that he quit playing.

He illuminates him that he has a proof now and shows the recording. Venky lets him know that simply hands are apparent. Rudraksh lets him know that the last’s arm band is noticeable so everybody will comprehend the last option is offender. Venky acknowledges that he is behind everything.

Rudraksh lets him know that the last option ruining his life in light of this retribution. Venky lets him know that he will not leave Mishka on the grounds that he endured a great deal in view of her. Rudraksh goes to come clean to Preesha and Venky attempts to stop him. He drops the portable and he is going to tumble from steps.

Precap – Venky challenges Rudraksh. He strongly goes into Mishka’s room.

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