Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar 27th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene begins with Salman Khan advancing “Tadap” film and telling with regards to the disposal of four contenders, Vishal, Jay, Neha and Simba. He likewise tells about the section of new VIP’s Devoleena, Rashami, Rakhi and Ritesh. He illuminates that Rakhi’s better half is genuine and presently everybody can see him inside the house. He tells about the assignment given to the new competitors by Bigg Boss to wake different candidates.

Devoleena picks Tejasswi and Shamita and tosses mud on them. She says that she isn’t seeing Tejasswi’s association in the game aside from her relationship with Karan. In the mean time, she gives justification behind Shamita that she quit conversing with Nishant for one error yet haven’t broken her relationship with Vishal even subsequent to finding out with regards to his reality. Shamita answers that she needed to allow him an opportunity and says that each contender do defaming. Shamita takes represent Vishal, while Devoleena and Rashami tells that she really wants backing to play the game. Shamita gets incited and yells at them, she says that everybody attempts to save their companions, while Devoleena pours the mud on Shamita.

Ahead, Rashami approaches and calls Shamita. She likewise counsel her to play her game with no help and pours the mud on her. A short time later, she calls Karan and pours mud on him requesting that he accomplish something in the show other then making relationship with Tejasswi.

Ritesh approaches and calls Shamita. He tells about his affection towards her however expresses that she is being lost and isn’t doing anything in the show. He counsel her to buck up and pours the mud on her. Everybody likes the manner in which he clarified his focuses and hoots for him.

In the interim, Rakhi comes and calls Karan. She pours mud on him and says that after starting fourteen days his game tumbles down. She guidance him to zero in on game rather then drawing near to Tejasswi. Then, at that point, she calls Pratik and pours mud on him expressing that he isn’t playing for himself. She counsel him to quit contemplating any other person and brings up with regards to saving Neha, while she had failed to help him. He vows to zero in on his game. Ahead, she calls Umar and pours mud on him and inquiries regarding his on and off fellowship and competition with Pratik. She calls Rajiv, while everybody gets astonished. She request that he represent himself and quit adhering to Shamita’s directions. She brings up with regards to tearing Afsana’s photograph on Shamita’s occasion. Rashami likewise brings up with regards to it, while Devoleena pours mud on him alongside Rakhi.

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Tejasswi talks on the matter and says that Rajiv ought to do everything with his will. She reminds that Rajiv was crying when Afsana left and was saying ‘sorry’ to cameras, while Shamita stops her reminding about the battle and ask how she anticipate that she should allow Rajiv to keep Afsana’s image. To which, Tejasswi says that it ought to be Rajiv’s own choice. She reminds that equivalent thing occurred during Pratik and Rajiv’s matter, when she took represent Rajiv. She says that now he and Pratik are companions, so why he can’t blend his fellowship with Afsana? Shamita says that both situation’s are unique, to which different says that it isn’t. Rajiv attempts to talk, while Pratik meddles. Rajiv says that he can’t talk with such impedance, to which Rakhi says that he need to do it.

Rakhi calls Nishant and pours mud on him expressing that he has turned into a side kick. She guidance him to play in front, to which he begins his contention. Karan and Nishant gets into verbal contention, while Pratik and Umar additionally meddles. Rakhi attempts to stop them.

Karan says that Nishant have various suppositions about him and isn’t prepared to clearify. The two of them faults each other for having contrasts. Rashami comes in the middle and exhortation Karan not to let anybody deceive him. She guidance him to leave such companions who manipulates pointing at Nishant. Umar clarifies about the miscommunication in the middle of Karan and Nishant, while Tejasswi lets Nishant know that she realizes he giggles behind him however she actually consider him as her companion as she don’t surrender without any problem. She says that if her different companions secure her and get worried for her in regards to Nishant, then, at that point, they are right.

Salman Khan welcomes all the candidates on end of the week ka waar. He gets some information about Rakhi and his significant other, while Ritesh says that he was defeatist not to acknowledge his relationship with Rakhi prior however presently he have understood her worth. He commends Rakhi. Afterward, Salman request that he bring a rose from store room and he gives it to Shamita communicating his affection towards her. Salman request that he give the blossom to Rakhi, while he communicates his adoration and regard towards her.

Salman shows his failure towards the hopefuls and says that they aren’t playing great. He says that they have brought different candidates of earlier years to awaken them. He says that Simba was better then the challengers who were left. He likewise applauds the special case competitors. He reminds them about the extraordinary players of Bigg Boss and gives illustration of Gautam Gulati and Sidharth Shukla. He says that he can’t consider anybody to be the champ in this season.

Further, Salman says that main Shamita is showing herself as a champ. He questions Rashami and Devoleena for calling attention to on Shamita, while they gives their clarification that Shamita doesn’t play her own game and relies on others. Shamita begins crying and accounts for herself, while Salman upholds her. He took represent Shamita and closes Devoleena.

Salman questions Pratik about his choice of not saving Simba. Pratik answers that Neha was her need, to which Salman says that he was generally close with Simba yet he double-crossed him. Salman get some information about his choice, while Umar likewise says that Pratik was off-base, Pratik begins a contention with Umar yet Salman chides and stops him.

Afterward, Salman questions Karan for his double conduct. He says that Karan isn’t clear with regards to his choice and after a battle he proceeds to converse with a similar individual as though nothing occurred, however prevent his companions from doing likewise. Karan gives his clarification and says that he simply focuses on his nearby ones and offers guidance to them.

Salman inquiries from Tejasswi that assuming Karan is correct? To which she answers that he never attempts to compel her to accomplish something. She says that he just counsel her, to which Salman says that their night discussion is entirely unexpected based on the thing is she saying at present. Salman counsel them to stop their romantic tale and spotlight on game. Rashami says how the two of them follows each other on everything. Salman says that their is no work given by Karan for the show. He exhortation everybody to zero in on their game.

Afterward, Shamita examine with Nishant about the manner in which she will be, she expresses that it’s her inclination that she thinks often about her nearby ones and she will not transform it for anything. She says that everybody is bringing up with regards to this to her, yet she can’t change herself.

Karan chats with Karan and says that he likes her recommendation. She says that he have quit playing his game, while he discusses Nishant and pronounces that he can’t confide in him by any means. In the mean time, Tejasswi and Nishant chats with one another. She says that everybody defame regarding one another, while he says that the two of them will be incredible companions outside Bigg Boss house. She says that she have seen individuals abusing one another severely in the show.

Rakhi strolls with her significant other and discusses his shayari. In the interim, Shamita acclaims Ritesh. Afterward, Vivian and Eisha comes to advance their show “Sirf Tum”. They welcomes all the candidates and takes a similarity trial of Tejasswi-Karan and Rakhi-Ritesh. They poses inquiries from both the couples and Karan-Tejasswi wins it. Afterward, they test their science and ask both the couples to move.

Karan and Tejasswi moves on “Saari Ke Fall Sa” melody. Though, Rakhi and Ritesh likewise performs all around well. Everybody likes Rakhi and Ritesh, while Salman lauds them. Vivian and Eisha proclaims Tejasswi and Karan champ for similarity test, while Rakhi and Ritesh victor for Chemistry test. Afterward, Vivian and Eisha says farewell to Salman.

Ahead, Salman invites Ravi Dubey and Ravi Kishan to advance their web series. The two of them tells about their person in “Matsyakand”. Ravi Kishan says how Bigg Boss completely changed him and afterward they gets inside the house. Detainees gets invigorated seeing them, while Ravi says that they aren’t seeing any kinship security inside the house and request that they loosen up their brain.

Ravi request that they tell a contender name who isn’t a danger to them. Pratik says how Rashami attempts to control him against Nishant and says that nobody can break their bond. He takes Rashami’s name and breaks the jug on her head according to the game standard. Ahead, Shamita comes and she calls Devoleena. The two of them have a contention and afterward Shamita breaks the container on Devoleena’s head. Then, Umar comes and takes Ritesh’s name. In the interim, he and Shamita gets into a contention, she says that she generally takes represent herself and closes him. Though, Ritesh gives an incredible model with regards to himself, while prisoners commends him.

Nishant comes and takes Rakhi’s name. He says that he needs to break her diversion record while she challenges him..later, the two of them moves on “Tu Khiladi Mai Anadi” tune.

Karan comes and takes Devoleena’s name. He says that he needs to be her danger in the game however presently he doesn’t think about her as his danger. She says that she will try to challenge him. Tejasswi states that everybody is against her and Karan’s relationship, while Ravi Dubey states that Karan and Tejasswi looks truly cute together, while others concurs.

Rajiv comes and takes Rakhi’s name. He says that she can’t be pretty much as engaging as him thus he doesn’t think about her as a danger. Housemates giggles. Afterward, Tejasswi comes and takes Devoleena’s name. She says that she do stand firm and do represent right, while Devoleena states that when the question of Karan comes then Tejasswi neglects what’s going on and common decency. The two of them

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