Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Vasudha asks Venky that is he feeling better.Venky educates her concerning his cerebral pain. He imagines that he wont let Rudraksh uncover him. He reviews that how he discovered that Rudraksh got the first report from emergency clinic staff and he requests that he leave the city for few days.

Rudraksh proposes that they should call Dr Radha. Gopal and Preesha concurs with him. Venky prevents Rudraksh from calling Dr Radha saying that he is fine now and he neglected to take his medications in joy. He requests that they not call Dr Radha. Rudraksh lets him know that Dr Radha will do ordinary examination that is it. Preesha calls Dr Radha.

After some time, Dr Radha inspects Venky and illuminates others that Venky is absolutely fine and he simply need to get some rest and leaves the room. Rudraksh follows her and illuminates her with regards to Venkys counterfeit report. She asks him that for what good reason her associate will accomplish something to that effect. She discovers that her collaborator is on his leave. She lets Rudraksh know that they will take Venkys tests once more. Venky sees them and miracles that what are they discussing.

Preesha plays with Saaransh and Venky. Mishka comes there and requests that she help to choose shoe for sangeet function. She takes her to a room. Preesha chooses shoe for Mishka and the last option likes it. Venky sees that.

Afterward, Rudraksh records Preesha when she is preparing. She asks him that what’s happening with he. He tells her that he will see this recording when she isn’t around him. She lets him know that she will be with him generally. He tells her that she began going to medical clinic so he will miss her. Saaransh misconstrues that they are battling and requests that Rudraksh embrace Preesha and he records them. He requests that Rudraksh change the dress on the grounds that Preesha looking so beautiful.

Mishka prepares. Venky tells her that Sharda calling her. He prevents her from wearing shoe by concocting a rationalization. Saaransh records everybody. Rudraksh asks Preesha that how is he looking. She teasingly lets him know that now he is resembling her significant other. He attempts to prevent her from leaving and breaks the snare of her shirt. He requests that she embrace him and he will take her to their room then she can change the dress. He embraces her and they moves towards their room. Saaransh records them. Rudraksh picks Preesha and takes her to their room. Venky breaks Mishkas shoe then, at that point, fixes it utilizing fevicol.

Saaransh and Vidhi turns into the host of sangeet function. They declares Rudraksh and Preeshas dance execution. Rudraksh and Preesha moves on wah Ramji melody. Everybody applauds them. Then, at that point, Sharda, Vaaudha and Gopal hits the dance floor with kids. Venky goes higher up and Rudraksh sees that and chooses to follow him.

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