Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Indu strolling in the market with every one of her sacks, while Geetanjali Devi sees her and goes to her. Geetanjali Devi reproves her and lets her that she should know her cherished girl doung behind her, Indu upholds Simar however at that point Geetanjali Devi shiws her the Karwachaudh Video of Aarav and Simar, Indu is stunned. Geetanjali Devi insults her and tells that a young lady ought to ve saved and ought not do these things, she likewise tells her that Simar’s dad is a heart patient in the event that he wilp get to see this he would get cardiovascular failure. Indu was damaged and feels tipsy, Aarav holds her however she eliminates his hand and request that he stay away.

In the interim Simar additionally comes, Indu didn’t let out the slightest peep to Simar, Simar says that outsiders should remain at some distance and furthermore tells her mom not to focus on outsiders words. Simar picks the packs and ask Indu to gives up home. Geetanjali Devi snatches Aarav and takes him with her. Aarav turns and takes a gander at Simar while she is going. At the point when Aarav arrived at his vehicle he tells to Geetanjali Devi that he needs to apologize for all his previous mishaps. Geetanjali Devi pardons him and embraces him and request that he have solidarity to begin his new future.

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Simar returns home, Samar gives him water and celebrates as she said OK for his collection. Samar is truly cheerful yet Simar is miserable, Samar request that she emerge from that Aarav second. He tells that how he made him calm by asking somany inquiries, for which he doesn’t have any reply. Samar tells to Simar that Indu informed him regarding what had occurred with her at Oswal house. He says that why Aarav didn’t uphold her that time why he didn’t let his family know that she is his better half and he needs her to remain? He says that Aarav is a gutless man.

Simar gets incensed and gives a hard slap to Samar, still he tells her that he will consistently keep her after his family and he will consistently gives need to his family. Vivaan comes and wishes Aarav Diwali however he was in another world. Aarav comes out from his creative mind and ask Vivaan when does he come? Vivaan says that he accompanied saltine and around evening time they will observe Diwali with it. He likewise advises Aarav to be happy and grin with the goal that his family will likewise feel better.

Aarav consents to him and says that he will consistently keep family bliss above everything and in case he will grin then no one but he can keep his family cheerful. Simar get some information about Rangoli however she was thinking something different. Simar draws close to her and tells her that from the opportunity she returned she looks lost.

Simar request that she not to focus on Geetanjali Devi words and get concerned. Indu didn’t say a wird and advises her to go she is coming. Simar readies the blossom Rangole, Indu checks out Simar and gets Geetanjali Devi falsh back that how she told her that her separated from little girl is appreciating with starnger young men. Indu tells to Simar while planning Rangole why her hand is shuddering? Indu likewise tells her that she imagines that Simar use to impart everything to her till now yet she wasn’t right.

In the mean time Avinash and Gagan comes from outside and approach Simar to plan for pooja with the goal that they can have pooja on schedule. Indu pauses and enlightened nothing regarding Simar to Avinash as he is commending Simar for her Rangole. Samar out of resentment strolls to a tea slow down and sits for a tea. He tells to himself that Simar’s opinion on herself. Ahead Gajender comes there and checks out Samar, he have a record in his grasp with all data about Samar. He get some information about Simar, Samar calls her haughty, Gajender questions him then he doesn’t adore Simar, Samar is stunned to hear that.

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