Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Soni bringing a crying Ansh to Amrita. The last option attempts to quiet Ansh down. In any case, Ansh continues to cry. Pritam takes the child. He signs a tune for the child. Nimmo accepts the child from Pritam as he is as yet crying. Amrita inquires as to whether he imagines that her child will become acclimated To his tune. Pritam legitimizes that he was attempting to help her. Yuvraj converses with the child and makes him rest astounding everybody. Pritam looks on stunned.

Angad and Kabir acclaim Yuvraj and says that Pritam’s enchantment didn’t work this time. Yuvraj needs to disappear. Be that as it may, Sakhujas request that he have rasmalai and leave. Yuvraj concurs and goes separated to settle on a crisis decision. Yuvraj says Kabir that he needs to smoke. Kabir is amazed he’s smoking. Yuvraj says that this is his main unfortunate quirk. Kabir requests that he go to the patio and lets him know the way.

Yuvraj gets his father’s call. He says that he met Amrita and commendations Sakhujas and Amrita. He requests that his father come to meet them coming to India. Pritam emerges from the penthouse. Yuvraj sees him and asks his name. Pritam and Yuvraj acquaint themselves with one another. They talk about Amrita and Sakhujas. Pritam says that Sakhujas are extremely great family. Yuvraj concurs and says that Amrita is sweet. Pritam says that she’s actual sweet and very humoroushumorous in the entire family. Pritam asks why is Yuvraj here. Yuvraj stammers to reply. Guneet shows up there and brings Yuvraj down for espresso.

Kuljeet expresses gratitude toward Guneet for tolerating his solicitation. Guneet reuqests Kuljeet to not send any person again to meet Amrita and adds that he’s pitiful with the possibility of getting isolated from Amrita and Ansh. Kuljeet asks Guneet’s perspective on Yuvraj and says that dislike Karan. Guneet says that nobody can resemble Karan and says that he’s a great person. Guneet inquires as to whether Yuvraj preferred Amrita.

Kuljeet says that Yuvraj will tell subsequent to arriving at Canada and conversing with his father. Guneet hangs the call. He sees Amrita with Ansh and says that it will be hard to ship off Amrita as she’s Karan for him. Amrita sees Guneet and comes to him. Amrita inquires as to why he’s crying. Guneet says that he recalled Karan seeing Ansh. He takes the child and requests that Amrita do her pressing. He goes to find biji. Pritam inquires as to whether she tossed the desserts he purchased. Amrita says that she doesn’t prefer to squander food. Pritam says that her mind-set ought to have fine in the wake of eating the desserts and says that she can say thanks to him.

Amrita says that she’s not in the temperament of kidding. Pritam stops Amrita and inquires as to whether Yuvraj hasn’t come to see Soni. Soni comes there and inquires as to why Yuvraj would come to meet her. Amrita asks what refuse he’s talking. Pritam says that he thought like that seeing the manner in which they were treating him. Amrita says that Yuvraj is her dad’s companion’s child and came to meet her and gave a few things to her. Pritam and Amrita contend. Amrita leaves taking Soni. Pritam ponders why Yuvraj said over telephone that she’s actual great.

Nimmo reviews Yuvraj meeting Amrita. Guneet shows up there with Ansh. Guneet sees Nimmo is furious and asks what befallen her. Nimmo asks who is Yuvraj and for what reason he sent him here. Kuljeet is frantic to get Amrita hitched. Guneet says that he has come to give a few things to Amrita. Nimmo says that she finds something off-putting seeing the manner in which he was looking and chatting with Amrita. Nimmo says that she feels like they’re constraining Amrita to get hitched. She would rather not send Amrita to Ludhiana. In any case, Guneet needs to send her, Nimmo says then she will oblige Amrita. Guneet harshly says that Nimmo will not go with Amrita and says that Amrita will choose about her future not her. Pritam and Monaj making arrangement to get UD through Sandy in Ludhiana.

Nithin says that overseers Bethi got to have some familiarity with about Pritam going to Ludhiana and he will not allow him to enter there as Pritam screwed up with him. Pritam chooses to view as one more to method for going to Ludhiana. Pritam lets his companions know that he will remain at his companions house as Bethi probably given his photographs in all inns. Pritam sees Amrita kneading child. Pritam encourages Amrita to knead utilizing her plam not fingers. Kamali says that Pritam doesn’t have insight of rising a kid which makes Pritam pitiful.

Precap: Pritam goes to Ludhiana with Amrita and Ansh utilizing late Karen’s personality.

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