Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Swara apologizes to Pankaj saying that she is answerable for this. He tells her that it’s not her error and he definitely realizes that his choice will stun his family however he never figured they will act like this. Anant asks him that how could the last option talk like this with regards to his own family and heads inside. Hema lets Chetan know that now Pankaj will follow Swara’s orders as it were.

Pankaj lets Swara know that they ought to go inside the house. Swara lets him know that she can’t disregard Jamuna by going into the house without her consent. Kusum lets them know that without ‘Graha pravesh’ lady ought not go into the house. She requests that Desai’s invite Swara.

Then again, Anant tells Gehna that Kusum and Swara deceived him and he neglected to comprehend their aim. He says to her that he ought not have halted her when the last option chose to toss Kusum and Swara out of the house. Gehna tells her that she previously lost Jamuna’s trust yet she will not allow anybody to confront any difficulty.

Pankaj requests that Praful do Swara’s ‘Graha pravesh’ like the last option accomplished for Gehna. Praful lets him know that now the circumstance is unique and will not do ‘Graha pravesh’. Pankaj lets him know that he is going out with his better half and moves from that point. Gehna stops them and lets them know that she will do Swara’s ‘Graha pravesh’. Anant asks her that what is she saying. Hema insults Gehna saying that now the last option has storage key so she will do anything she desires to do.

Paresh guards Gehna saying that Jamuna would not have allowed Pankaj to take off from the house as well. Pankaj says thanks to Gehna for getting them. Swara lets Gehna know that now their relationship changed thus their predetermination. Gehna invites them. She believes that she will not allow her to prevail in her central goal. She makes her fall and assists her with getting up. She cautions her to watch out. Then, at that point, she illuminates her with regards to her obligations.

Swara sees Jamuna and embraces Gehna and expresses gratitude toward her for the gladly received. She tells her that the last option should take favoring in light of the fact that she is senior girl in law of this family now yet they are sisters as well so she don’t anticipate that she should do that. Pankaj lets them know that it’s simply a custom so Gehna can do that. Gehna consents to play out the custom however Anant goes against it. She takes Swara’s gifts.

Hema requests that Jamuna save her from Swara and Gehna. Kusum goes to the kitchen to get ready for ring tracking down custom. Jamuna goes to her room. Gehna requests that Kusum not do this custom. Kusum tells her that she was not with Gehna when the last option required her and presently Swara needs her so she should uphold her. Swara wins in the ring tracking down custom. Gehna understands that Kusum is similarly answerable for everything. Afterward, Gehna brings nourishment for Jamuna. Jamuna requests that Gehna not show counterfeit concern and tosses her out of the room.

Precap – Jamuna lets Gehna know that the last option and her family isn’t permitted to go into the room. Gehna and Anant executes their arrangement to uncover Swara before Pankaj.

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