Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Kusum acclaims herself for her acting. She eats food without anyones information. Pankaj comes there so she conceals the food. He asks her that did Swara said anything to her yesterday. She lets him know that she has no clue about that why Swara went out. She ensures that he peruses Swaras letter. He gets stunned in the wake of perusing the letter and leaves the room. She smiles seeing that. Anant lets Gehna know that he will give Swaras missing protest to Police. She lets him know that she feels like something awful going to occur.

Pankaj arrives at the bluff region. Swara gets alleviated in the wake of seeing him. She behaves like endeavoring self destruction and he attempts to stop her. She requests that he not move towards her. He asks her that for what valid reason she need to pass on at this point. She lets him know that she needs to have an aware existence however nobody gives regard to her and presently nobody will wed her as well. She says to him that she really want to kick the bucket and that is the most ideal choice for her. He prevents her from passing on. She asks him that would he be able to give deferential life to her.

Anant illuminates Desais that he gave agreeable to Police. Jamuna lets them know that they couldn’t observe Pankajs birthday due to Swara. She requests that Hema get ready puja plate. Gehna tells her that she will do it and leaves from that point. She hears entryway ringer sound and she opens the entryway with puja plate. She gets stunned seeing Pankaj and Swara and drops the puja plate. Everybody sees Swaras brow.

Jamuna asks Pankaj that what is this. He tells her that he wedded Swara and she is senior little girl in law of this family from now into the foreseeable future. Kusum comes there and embraces Swara. She sees her and asks her that what is this. Pankaj takes her favors. She lets him know that she is truly unfortunate mother since she was unable to observe her little girls marriage. Jamuna lets them know that she wont acknowledge this marriage.

Anant asks Pankaj that for what good reason the last didnt examine about this tremendous choice with them. Pankaj lets him know that dislike, the last option and Gehna takes every one of the choices subsequent to talking about with others. He tells Jamuna that Swara caused him to understand that what is love and what is marriage and presently he wont leave his significant other. Tiya asks him that how might he succumb to somebody in 4 days. Hiral lets him know that she can comprehend that he wanted passionate help in light of the fact that Kanak is in prison yet how might he wed Swara very much like that.

Pankaj shields his choice. Gehna lets him know that Swara catching him and hollers at Swara. He requests that she not holler at his better half. Anant takes represent Gehna. Pankaj asks them that for what good reason they are against his marriage. Swara apologizes to Desais. Pankaj requests that Jamuna acknowledge Swara as her girl in law. Jamuna lets him know that, that wont occur. She tosses Swara out of the house. Swara argues her to not do that way. Pankaj lets Jamuna know that he is likewise going out with his better half. Jamunas medical issue gets decline. Praful and Gehna takes her to a room. Gehna lets Jamuna know that she wont let Swara ruin this family. Jamuna faults her for carrying Swara to Desai house and requests her to not come in front from her.

Precap Swara challenges Gehna.

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