Bhagya Lakshmi 26th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Rishi takes photographs of Sonia. Karishma requests that they start however Rishi requests that they hang tight for Lakshmi bthan he gets call from Ayush saying he is bringing Shalu. Sonia inquires as to why Shalu is coming than Rishi tells her Lakshmi needs organization as she dont know anybody at party.

Sonia thinks such a lot of care for Lakshmi. In transit Shalu and Ayush battles with one another. Karishma says lets leave as we are getting late to marriage and we can send driver to Lakshmi. Rishi going to leave however Lakshmi comes wearing Heers outfit. Rishi calls her Heer and says wonderful. Karishma and Sonia gets stunned.

Rishi opens entryway for her than they sits in vehicle. Sonia asks Lakshmi how her dress got fixed. Lakshmi says she stiched fix work and it get more excellent however how you realize that its harmed. Karishma says we saw you taking a gander at your harmed dress that is the reason we stood by long for you. Lakshmi Apologies to them for the postponement than Rishi begins the vehicle.

Malishka embraces her Dad. Viraj also meets Abhay than he says he is glad to see their get-together. Abhay says they are family. Dadaji calls him than Abhay meets him. Abhay and Kiran gives cold looks to one another. Lakshmi enters to the party. Dada ji goes towards her. Abhay asks Kiran hows she however she leaves overlooking him. Viraj says trust it wont cause distress to aunt than Malishka says its normal in party and she says thanks to Viraj than they goes to have drink. Shalu dress get strucked in vehicle entryway and he attempts to eliminate it yet its locked, Ayush and Shalu draw nearer while eliminating Dupatta. Ayush says youre Just Shalu and I help to everybody. The two looks bashful and gradually enters to party.

Dadaji tells to Lakshmi that he saw her some place thsn he says youre a similar young lady whom I saw at sweet shop and youre giving desserts to Karan and his better half. Lakshmi says OK, did you saw me. Dadaji says OK and you won my heart and youre not wedded right. Lakshmi says Im wedded and my significant other is great as well. Dada ji thinks his grandson additionally great than he says god makes the couple. Rishi enters to party and asks whos he. Lakshmi says he is Amitabh.

Dada ji says right and he calls Viraj. Lakshmi acknowledges he Viraj excellent Dad and she wishes him and takes his favors. Rishi also wish him. Viraj inquires as to whether they met his granddad. Dada ji says she find my look as well. Viraj acclaims Rishi Raanjhanaa look. Dada ji says Lakshmis Heer of Raanjhanaa. Malishka says she is Heer as well and Lakshmi I might pick another look assuming you let me know that youre becoming Heer. Lakshmi says you didnt informed me as well. Rishi says youre looking like simran of Ddlj. Malishka leaves. Rishi goes behind her.

Abhay asks Kiran for what good reason didnt she illuminate him about Rishi and Malishka. Kiran requests that him quit imagining that he care for Lakshmi and she leaves than knocks to her girl and asks what occurred. Malishka says their is one issue i.e Lakshmi and she become Heer and everybody is thinking me as simran.

Kiran requests that she not teke it to heart. Malishka says you constrained me to become Heer however Lakshmi become his Heer and she leaves seeing Rishi and she lets him know that she wont tune in. Rishi says he just came to get water and leaves with it. Malishka thinks what befallen Rishi. Kiran says this is the thing that Im telling you.

Rishi gives water to Lakshmi. Dadaji acclaims their jodi and lets them know that God makes sets who are inadequate without one another and he requests that Lakshmi feed laddoo. Ayush accompanies Shalu. Dada ji inquires as to whether they are pair. Lakshmi says she is my sister. Dadaji requests that they appreciate party. Somebody calls Ayush and Shalu follows him as she kept her telephone in his pocket. Rishi inquires as to whether she get the desserts. Lakshmi concurs than Rishi acclaims her keenness.

Kiran requests that Malishka accomplish something before Rishis heart quit pulsating for her. Malishka thinks she knows what she need to do to get Rishi consideration and reviews how Rishi felt envious seeing her hit the dance floor with Viraj. Dadaji tells to Viraj that he needed to make Lakshmi wedded to him however she was hitched before he track down her. Viraj says dont realize what runs in your mind and they goes to join party. Malishka sees Rishi with Lakshmi.

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