Bhagya Lakshmi 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Dadi says Lakshmis pindiya sweet is ideal. Virendra says Lakshmi makes it with affection that is the reason its best. Rishi appreciates it and concurs. Karishma and Neelam checks out him

Ayush drops Rano and Shalu at their home. Rano requests that Ayush come inside however he denies than Shalu says let him leave as time slipping away than he consents to Rano demand. Malishka shows up to Rishis place. Lakshmi inquires as to whether she is fine. Malishka says fine. Lakshmi says you came of late any other way you might go along with us for supper. Virendra says you missed the sweet which Rishi adulated to such an extent. Malishka says she came for Viraj. Rishi says she is drawing nearer to Viraj

. Malishka says youre occupied and not giving time as youre wedded. Lakshmi says you actually have right and why you fell former relationship change post marriage. Rishi says Lakshmi also comprehend the matter not at all like you. Lakshmi says you both had a battle, correct? For what reason would you say you are battling? Malishka says this is a direct result of you, Rishi left me, didnt you Rishi? Dadi, Virendra and Neelam looks on.

Rano requests that Neha apply lipstick promptly and sets her hair. Neha inquires as to whether any comes to see her. Rano gestures than Ayush enters and tells to Neha how Rano saved him from police. Neha reprimands Shalu and battles with her thsn Shalu says its between us. Rano says their isn’t anything between you all. Neha and Rano reprimands her than Ayush requests that they save scoldings for next time as well and he says he will leave thsn they demand him to remain yet he leaves in the wake of prodding Shalu.

Malishka says he left from significant gathering for you. Viraj comes to Rishi house, Malishka places her hand on him. Lakshmi gives him frozen yogurt. Viraj welcomes Neelam and others for his Dada jis birthday. Neelam says we cannot come as we are focused on my companion girl marriage. Viraj demand her to send Rishi,Ayush and Lakshmi to the party as Dada ji loves Punjabi culture. Neelam concurs. Viraj expresses gratitude toward her.

Malishka says tomorrow party is themed party so you folks need to go to in hit film looks and they leaves. Karishma and Sonia sees everything. Lakshmi and Rishi chats with one another. Dadi sees Karishma and Sonia than she intends to bomb their arrangements. Karishma says they will prepared like Heer and Raanjhna yet we need to ruin Lakshmi dress toward the end second. Sonia says than Malishka will become heer.

Malishka gets back to home. Kiran asks her what occurred. Malishka says issue is Lakshmi since she is grabbing Rishi from me and she is showing all the more right in him. Kiran says they are hitched yet I need you to get his affection so quit acting like possesive darling and win Rishi heart with your conduct. Malishka says I realize that Im driving him away as I cannot take his half love when he really focuses on Lakshmi. Kiran says youre going in incorrect manner so change your ways of arriving at objective and you need to wed him to get him totally than she gets karishma call who requests that she make Malishka as Heer as Rishi will be Raanjhanaa and we will ruin Lakshmi dress. Kiran concurs.

Lakshmi gives dress to Rishi thsn she sees her dress is harmed and thinks how it occurred. Sonia and karishma reviews how they ruined it. Karishma requests that Lakshmi prepared rapidly and she tells to Rishi that they will go with them. Lakshmi requests that he stand by than he tells her he will stand by in the outside.

Kiran acclaims Malishka look and she expresses gratitude toward her thsn Kiran says improvements are great. Malishka says where is Viraj and Dadaji. Viraj comes to them amd he asks where is her Raanjhanaa assuming she become Heer. Kiran asks Viraj where is your dada ji? Viraj says Dada ji will set aside effort to come as its his day. Dada ji comes to them while conversing with visitor. Malishka and Kiran wishes them.

Dadaji tells to Malishka that she is looking pretty thsn he asks Kiran where is her better half Abhay. Kiran says thry are separated. Viraj says leave it yet why you came wearing it, I figured you will become sardar ji. Dada ji asks whom they fell he prepared like. They tells Rishi kapoor name however Dada ji says he is Amitabh from kabhi khushi kabhi gum. Kiran feels enthusiastic seeing her better half.

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