Rishton Ka Manjha 24th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Diya shutting the cabinet and unexpectedly she hears a voice of a woman who says Arjun met with a mishap and is not kidding. Diya gets stunned and fretful. She goes first floor and asks where is Arjun, did they accept him to Hospital as he met with a mishap. Everybody gets befuddled and stunned. Amitabh advises the watchman to check assuming Arjun has returned or not.

Watch says no. Kush says yet who can tell such a most noticeably terrible wisecrack. He thinks assuming that Niharika is behind it. He inquires as to whether she perceived the voice. Diya says she couldnt however it was bit recognizable. Kush asks why Niharika will lie about Arjun. Diya gets into thinking as Arjuns telephone is additionally turned off. Amitabh says she is lying or doing dramatization.

Arjun abruptly shows up holding dhunuchi in two hands. Diya gets pleased seeing him. She goes towards him and becomes mixed up in his eyes. Arjun says she caused him to do what she needed. He inquires as to whether she was hanging tight for him. Diya gets enthusiastic and Arjun says he will move. (tujhme rab dikhta h plays) Kush prods Arjun saying he is evolving gradually. Arjun, Kush and Luv begin moving. Madhuri says thanks to God for satisfying her desire. Tina gets incensed seeing the dance.

Niharika comes and says she executed the arrangement. FB is shown where she told about Arjuns counterfeit mishap and takes Madhuris gems from pantry. She puts them in Diyas pack to demonstrate her a theif. Niharika says now Arjun cannot save Diya. Tina grins. Madhuri advises Amitabh to join his children. Amitabh wavers and Arjun takes a gander at him. Arjun doesnt pass on however keep on moving. Amitabh gets glad and hits the dance floor with them. Madhuri advises Diya to hit the dance floor with everybody. Diya feels better. Tina leaves out of resentment.

Karan gets admonished by his dad in law. He says he saved Karan for the last time yet in future he wont. He adds Karan destroyed his picture because of idiocy. Karan says the arrangement was secret then how the Income charge office got to realize that. His dad in law affronts him and says he some way or another concocted rationalization for Karan however he ought not recurrent this goof once more. Karan reviews Arjuns words and takes a pledge to obliterate Diyas profession like how he demolished Arjuns vocation.

Arjun asks why Diyas room lights are on. He searches for herself and thinks why she didnt rest yet. He observes her taking care of business out. He gets intrigued and says at last her fantasies are not letting her rest. Diya says badminton was forever her fantasy. She is getting ready for camp as two days are left. Arjun attempts to take care of her chocolate to test her assuming she can handle her yearnings. Diya will not eat and tells him not to prod her. Diya is going to open the pack where the gems are kept yet she gets diverted by Arjun who gets some information about his mishap. Diya says she is additionally pondering who did that.

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