Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Balaji asking Radhabai what is happening to her? Radhabai doesn’t say anything she doesnt need to miss the extent of hello them. Its the most ideal method for showing neighborliness so they should welcome Mahadji and his family and consequently he might consent to help them in officers development. Balaji says utilizing their companionship for political reasons is it OK. Radhabai says for country such deceives are fine. Mahadji gets the fresh insight about his child and doesnt consent to visit Balajis Palace.

He says his senior child Balarao didnt cause him to feel pleased so he wont go there. Ramdas, Kashi say that Balaji may take it in off-base sense that Mahadjis family isn’t joined together and Balarao is their obligation. Bhavani says Mahadji cannot see his children torment because of his picture. Shiu lets him know that they wont go there without their better half. Mahadji at long last prepares and leaves. Bajirao gains from his sibling that Kashi is likewise visiting their Palace and he gets irritated. He says he never figured he will see her again this soon. Bajiraos kin get eager to meet their companion Kashi. Kashi converses with her companion that she doesnt need to see Baji and she wont have the option to quiet him down in his Palace. Her companion gives her something tacky on a leaf to close Baji. Kashi will utilize this if necessary.

Radhabai trusts that the night will move past and she thinks when Mahadji will show up. She lets her Daasi know that all around three days are no more. She needs to accomplish something in four days. When Mahadji shows up it will be simple for her to oversee everything. Balaji comes and the youngsters as well. Balaji informs the youngsters to think concerning where Kashi will remain and what will she eat and so on Bajirao comes and says assuming Mahadjis family comes he should make plans for them in elsewhere.

Radhabai tells Baji to not despise Kashi this much as she saw as nothing out of sorts in her. Without knowing the results he ought not take choice frantically. Balaji likewise chastens Baji and the last option expresses what they saw in Kashi that they cannot loathe her. He leaves. Shiu tells Bhavani in case they should accept Kashi with them as Radhabai might bring the subject of marriage. Bhavani answers Radhabai hasnt that stomach to give the proposition to them once more.

Following day Radhabai advises Bajirao to be available while inviting Mahadjis family. Its one of their traditions and rules. He ought not break it. Radhabai applies tika on Mahadji, Shiu and Bhavani. Kashi and Bajirao check out one another indignantly. Everybody enters and Kashi is going to enter however Radhabai stops her. She advises her to leave her strides on the material as its one of the customs of them. Bhavani says they never known about such sort of custom previously so Kashi wont do it. Balaji tells Radhabai likes to assemble recollections and inviting custom of a young lady happens like that here.

Mahadji permits Kashi to do it assuming Radhabai needs that. Shiu faculties Radhabais aims and she enlightens Bhavani regarding it that she was dubious. Kashi plays out the custom and places her feet in the aalta thal. She leaves her strides and Radhabai washes her feet. Bajirao watches her. He insults her platitude he will undoubtedly invite her in any case he isn’t intrigued. Kashi says then he should tell this to his mom. Bajirao gets rankled.

Balaji approaches Radhabai and asks how she is attempting to manage Kashi as the custom is for hitched ladies. He says assuming she is thinking to make Kashi their little girl in law then she should drop the thought as they are not rich like Mahadji. Radhabai doesnt focus and says let the time choose. Balarao acquires his awareness and attempts to leave the spot however Bhavani comes and asks him how is he now. Balarao says why they came here to take him. He knows Mahadji doesnt like to consider his face to be he turned into a fighter. Mahadji says he didnt make the best decision by not supporting King Shahu. Balarao says that cant be the substantial motivation to despise your child. They get into contention and Bhavani stops them. Mahadji leaves out of resentment.

Kashi lets her companion know that she is drained to seeing contention among Balarao and Mahadji. She checks out the sword and faults saying this is the principle justification for why they are battling. Bajirao says she ought not talk like a quitter before a trooper. Sword is the indication of fortitude. Kashi and Bajirao again get into contention and Kashi quiets down with the tacky leaf. She chuckles at him and Bajirao attempts to eliminate the leaf however comes up short.

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