Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode starts with Spy coming to give an important news to Balaji. Radhabai stops him and learns that Mahadji’s elder son went to teach lesson to dacoit Subhan but his life will be in danger as Subhan has many efficient soldiers. Radhabai says means they are asked to save Mahadji’s son. She says she wants to meet the dacoit who got caught during Ashtami. Radhabai reaches the cell and tells everyone to leave her and the dacoit alone. She asks him for a favor in return she will set him free. Dacoit runs away.

Mahadji’s son fights with Subhan and the latter injures him with sword. Subhan is about to kill him but the dacoit stops Subhan. He says he is asked to save Mahadji’s son and he will get freedom in return. Subhan and the dacoit take Mahadji’s son to Balaji’s Palace and make him lay in bed in front of Radhabai. Radhabai smirks and says now the two dacoits will work for her. Her daasi comes and wonders what is going on in Radhabai’s head.

Radhabai says she will now use Mahadji’s son for her own motive. The way she got insulted just because not having enough money like Mahadji she will also make them do what she wants within seven days. Balaji calls Radhabai to come to attend the Vijayadashami festival. She goes there and Bajirao cuts his finger with sword and applies blood on his forehead as tika. Kashi brings many books during Vijayadashami Puja saying she will worship every book to get all kind of knowledge.

Kashi gets flowers from her friend and she gets pricked by thorn. Everyone gets worried and applies medicine on her cut. Krishnarao teases her saying its a small cut it will be healed soon. Kashi recalls Bajirao’s words and gets angry. She tells Krishnarao to leave and says she gets hurt and she won’t bear pain so she will apply medicine for sure. Feeling pain doesn’t mean someone is weak. Shiu and Bhavani tell her to forget about previous incident. Kashi says they praise Bajirao because of his fighting skills but she will also gain knowledge by reading shastra and will beat him till next year. Mahadji teases Kashi and they share a laugh.

Balaji announces that he wants to test Bajirao’s fighting skills what he learned from Guruji. Bajirao gets happy and says he will prove himself. Balaji says he will fight with Bajirao. Bajirao gets nervous. Radhabai tells Baji that he should feel proud that his father is testing him and she knows Balaji is the greatest warrior. Balaji and Bajirao start sword fighting and Balaji throws away Bajirao’s sword at one point but the latter picks it up and saves himself from Balaji’s constant attack bravely. Balaji praises him and feels proud of him. Bajirao says he will make sure he can fight for the kingdom people and he will never disappoint them.

Radhabai takes Balaji to Mahadji’s son. Balaji gets shocked seeing him and asks how he came here. Radhabai tells how the spy told her about Mahadji’s son and she had no option but freeing the dacoit to save him. Balaji says she took such a big political decision without him. But then he supports her idea. Radhabai says Subhan again ran away. Balaji says he will inform Mahadji about his son and will send him there. Radhabai stops him saying he will only tell them about Mahadji’s son and they will come here automatically. Balaji asks Radhabai what is she thinking.

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