Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 24th November 2021 Written Story:

The Episode starts with Krisha getting inside the bathroom and sees it decorated. She smiles and enjoys her moment. Meanwhile, she gets inside the bathtub to take bath. Whereas, Naina and Raghav talks to eachother regarding the nuptial chain. Raghav says that with Krisha they will have some entertainment in their house, while Naina sees Rati along with Jaya and states that his wife Rati needs entertainment more then anyone else.

Here, Naina taunts Raghav and says that his wife always keeps following Jaya and accepting her orders. She questions that how Rati got the nuptial chain, while Raghav smirks and leaves from there leaving Naina confused.

Devraj remembers a girl running wearing the nuptial chain and gets furious. Meanwhile, Naina along with Rati and Jaya goes inside Krisha’s room and ask her to come out. Where, Krisha gets shocked upon not finding her clothes.

Elsewhere, Krisha gets worried and thinks how to go out. She becomes tensed about her respect and worries that what others will think about her. She gets confused that where her clothes have gone and tries to find them. Whereas, Naina smirks remembering how she have stolen Krisha’s clothes and have hidden it. She thinks that due to shyness Krisha won’t be able to come out.

Krisha becomes sad, while Devraj goes towards the bathroom through outside via the window. Krisha gets happy yet shocked seeing him and hides herself. He gives her clothes and says that he will always help her. Whereas she will get overwhelmed and expresses her love for him. She says that he have won her heart and is always there to protect her. She declares that she feels safe with him, while he ask her to get ready and leaves from there.

Ahead, Naina gets dumbstruck seeing Krisha and thinks that how she got the dress. Meanwhile, Roma tells Devraj that Krisha is finding about the truth and they have to execute their plan before she learns about everything. She ask if he have forgotten about their intention, she reminds that why he married Krisha. He says that he remembers everything and he will do it, but he feels bad for Krisha as she is really innocent. He remembers her trust on him and feels guilty.

Roma says that how they trapped Krisha to marry him in order to fulfill their goal. He says that he can’t able to hurt Krisha, while she consoles him saying that he is doing it for a good cause. She questions if he started believing in his marriage with Krisha? To which he stays silent.

Further, Krisha gets ready and comes down. She meets Devraj and sits inside a vessel for some ritual. She questions about it, while Devraj says that he is also clueless. He leaves from there while Krisha keeps wondering about it. Meanwhile, Ugra along with Naina and Raghav discuss about all the rituals. They says why are they faking these rituals, to which Ugra says that Jaya have trust on Krisha and Devraj’s marriage.

Roma ask Devraj to be with Krisha as she will keep looking for him. He declares that he can’t hurt her anymore. He proclaims that he can’t break her trust, while Jaya comes there and reminds him that someone else also have trusted on him. Both Roma and Devraj gets shocked. Meanwhile, some ladies comes inside Rathore’s house making Krisha confused.

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