Meet 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Masoom inquires as to whether she conversed with Meet as she is looking strained. Anubha asks which talk. Masoom says its regarding the matter Meet need to stow away and she is feeling weighty on a fundamental level to conceal it. Anubha asks how she knows it. Masoom says Meet uncovered accidentally. Anubha thinks seems like Meet educated her regarding Manushi than she going to uncover the matter yet Ram intrudes on them and takes Anubha with him saying Meet is calling her.

Hoshiyar inquires as to whether she track down it. Masoom says not yet however I will see it. Hoshiyar says seems like your sibling began to soften for Meet. Masoom says its intense to fail to remember his first love Manushi. Manushi shows up to Ahlawat house in auto by covering her face than she might suspect how to enter party than she hears Joker individual is backout without a second to spare.

Manushi camouflages herself as a joker and goes into to Ahlwat house and she gets stunned seeing the chateau than thinks when she become unfortunate however she gets over her contemplations and plans to go for her gems and strolls forward yet she tumbled down as a result of rug. Everybody grins seeing her. Duggu requests that Meet cut the cake. Meet says she will delay until Raj and Babita shows up. Than they appreciates taking selfies. Meet Ahlawat finds Manushi and he squeezes her nose and says first time he is considering woman to be joker and he leaves subsequent to wanting her to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Meet asks her Mom, why she looks stressed. Anubha says Masoom is addressing me like she track down our mystery. Meet says dont stress as Meet won’t ever break her guarantee. Anubha grins and thinks which matter Masoom is implying and regardless of whether she intends to track down it from me. Duggu, Ram and different children plays with joker and she escapes from them saying she will get them gifts than she look through desert plant. Meet stops her and requests that she drink squeeze and Meet stops her when she going to step on cactus plant and she tosses it in dustbin and leaves. Manushi going to goes close to Dustbin however kids stops her and worker takes that dustbin with him. Manushi looks for it.

Everybody moves cheerfully. Masoom asks Anubha what she attempts to tell her. Anubha says Meet is fortunate to have spouse like Meet Ahlawat and leaves. Anubha thinks to send Manushi to Delhi before anybody caughts her. Meet Ahlawat hits the dance floor with Meet despite the fact that she requested that he take rest. Manushi look close to Dustbin.

Raj and Babita gets back to home and she yells to stop music and she requests that Meet not play with her child and you consider him as the last individual in your life that is the reason youre partaking in the party despite the fact that my child is wiped out and you make him masterpiece and youre sickening in light of the fact that you left him at the night as well. Raj and Ragini requests that she control saying Meet family and family members are here.

Babita says festivities can return yet my child cannot return like Tej assuming that something happens to him. Anubha asks her neighbors and children to lets leave and they are going to leave yet Meet Ahlawat stops them and uncovers to his Mom that he is the person who coordinated the unexpected birthday celebration for Meet bliss and I called to illuminate you however you didnt go to it and the previous evening too she take me out as I needed to satisfy my Mannat. Meet attempts to stop him yet he says Im feeling remorseful if youre getting scoldings with no mix-up. Babita asks whats his Mannat.

Meet uncovers how he gives things on twentieth of consistently for his sibling getting back to home. Manushi thinks this person is supporting Meet and he used to play with me for a really long time and she goes to look through the plant. Babita requests that he take rest. Meet Ahlwat says we think for one another hapiness yet why cant we think for Meet hapiness? Furthermore, she left her family for us.

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