Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The Episode start with Rhea let Ranbir know that the young lady who fouled up with her and he cannot hear anything against her. She says first she grabbed her father and afterward him. She says then she grabbed her better half as well and destroyed her beginning and end. She says he has made yourself occupied in business and asks how will she respond, where might she go. She says he didnt contemplate her. She says he is being childish and because of him her life is getting destroyed. She says she felt that she will make another beginning however what did she get.

She says she isn’t distraught to feel that and says her companions are superior to them all. She says individuals dont see her aggravation and inquires as to why she is remaining here and says everybody is deceiving her, not simply Sid and Prachi. She says Mom and Dad are in unconsciousness, and they all are in disarray Prachi is in Sids embrace, why she is here in this world. She says she ought not live and shuts the entryway. They request that she open the entryway.

Rhea grins and shuts her ears. Dida says assuming she do soherthing then family will be in issue. Rhea says she is as yet contemplating family. She requests that they go from that point. Vikram and Pallavi demand her to tune in. Rhea says she will end it all with the blade kept in my room.

Pallavi says I swear she will do everything fine. Rhea grins and sees Ranbir going to the window and thumping on it. She quietly open the window a piece. He attempts to open and it opens. She claims to cry counterfeit tears and takes steps to slit her wrist. Pallavi cohers to the window and says dont do this. She says she generally pondered her. Rhea says individuals made my life as joke. Ranbir inquires as to for what reason is she doing this for somebody who isn’t significant for herself and says dont end your life.

Rhea inquires as to why she ought to hear him when he dont need to pay attention to her. She requests that he hear. Ranbir says fend the blade off, only for her. Vikram attempts to break the entryway and damages himself. Pallavi says in the event that Rhea end it all, then, at that point, they will go to prison. She says they will all compensation for it. Rhea grins. Pallavi requests that she open the entryway. Dida requests that she talk great. Pallavi faults Ranbir and says in case he had heard her that day, then, at that point, this wouldnt have occur. He recollects Pallavi requested that he wed Rhea.

Ranbir rejects. Pallavi says dont allow an opportunity to Sid and Prachi to destroy his life. Ranbir says he won’t allow them opportunity and need to tell her that his life improved after she left. He says he dont need to wed anybody.

Pallavi says he told that Prachi didnt make a difference to him and says assuming he dont need to wed, that it implies he actually have delicate corner for Prachi. Ranbir says he dont need to wed as he dont accept on marriage. Rhea opens the entryway and says she trust marriage and heard that the young lady goes out on the arthi. She says he will either lift my doli or arthi after her demise. She says either wed her or just let her pass on. Ranbir is stunned.

Sid says reality which he realize she will likewise know Prachi. Prachi says she dont need to hear the manner in which he is telling against them. She is going to go. Sid says why she didnt tell her before that before your marriage with Ranbir, Rhea and Ranbir were going to get hitched. Prachi says when they came from Bangalore Mummy would not allow her to enter and she thought everything is cleared.

Sid says might be his inquiry wasn’t right and says why didnt she tell her that Ranbir left Rhea on the mandap and went to wed her without wanting to. He says the matter was that, he left Rhea and wedded her. He says Rhea endeavored self destruction because of this and afterward Vikram Chacha and your Dad never met after whatever occurred with Rhea. He says her father began detesting her and her mother and father got isolated. He says she didnt let him know this. Prachi says she didnt realize that he was uninformed with regards to it. She says when she met him and Rhea after their marriage, she didnt need to meddle in their cheerfully hitched life.

Sid says cheerful marriage and says Rheas conduct was weird consistently. He says that day he called you from the medical clinic and afterward we went to the lodging then, at that point, out of nowhere smoke came in the room, and the entryway was locked. He says then she saw somebody.

Prachi says then they fell oblivious. Sid says they fell on the floor oblivious. He says when they acquired awareness, they were on the bed and Rhea and Ranbir was before them. He says the smoke may have dropped unintentionally yet how might they be found on the bed together. He says it was not unplanned and says she attempted to clarify that it was a misconception however it was a trick. He says whatever was shown was arranged. He says when she left the lodging he went to CCTV room yet couldnt get any proof and saw soherone watching out for them. He says it was an arrangement to show their authentic connection as ill-conceived. He says Kohli family needed to dispose of them and that is the reason picked thusly. He says he resembled their child however not their child and she was their DIL but rather not their decision. He says he dealt with himself as he stick to know as it was an intrigue. He says she didnt hear Ranbir after that yet he heard Rhea to clear her the matter. He realized that she was meeting her Bangalore companion and met her in the lodging hall.

He recollects how he lets Rhea know that he absolutely cherishes her and doesnt have any issue with Prachi. Sid says they went to the lodging. Rhea says then, at that point, out of nowhere smoke came and you fell oblivious. She tells that she didnt need to wed him and needed to separate from him yet dropped the thought when she sees Kohlis, as she needed to remain with them. Sid expresses shouldn’t something be said about her sister. Rhea says she is my foe and grabbed her beginning and end from her yet cant grab my predetermination.

She says Pallavi loved her from the beginning and needed her to turn into her bahu. She says they were going to get hitched yet Prachi extorted Ranbir and he left her on the mandap to wed Prachi. She says didnt he notice why Pallavi used to chide Prachi and used to commend her. She says she was her decision, and she needed her to wed Ranbir. She says no one used to like her one day Pallavi conversed with them and made an arrangement to dispose of Prachi. She says Vikram and Ranbir was there. She says that woman was Pallavi who got the gas spilled and afterward Ranbir made them both rested on the bed and afterward he know.

Prachi says Ranbirs torment was authentic and it was no show. Sid says Rhea said that it was show. He recollects how Rhea said it was arranged by them and imagine as though they got torment of life. She says Ranbir expressed that multitude of things so Prachi will feel the aggravation. She says else she wouldnt have gone out. She says Pallavi needed Ranbir and her to wed as they love one another. She says they utilized the and even they need to take off from the house. She requests that he start the life again and inquires as to whether he will sign on the legal documents or will see Ranbir and her together. Sid says then he comprehended the reason why Rhea acts pleasantly when Ranbir was near. He says he saw them closer yet was dazed by Rheas love like her. The Screen Freezes.

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