Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene begins with Jaya reminding Devraj concerning how somebody have trusted upon him. She educates him regarding his arrangement and ask him not to ease off from it. She request that he join the ceremonies, while he disappears being restless. In the mean time, Jaya gets stunned as she understands that she lost the keys. She becomes stressed and lets Roma know that they need to think that it is to maintain the mysteries locked inside the room. While, a worker takes the keys from Dhyaanchand and goes to open the store room. She erroneously opens another room and an individual got away from it.

Here, a few ladies enters and starts the customs. They pours water on Krisha, while different workers wipes her. Afterward, ladies inform Krisha that its a custom that each new girl in-law gets another regal name, when they need to tattoo on their wrist. Krisha gets anxious and denies to change her name.

Krisha states that she prefers her name and needs it to be called for what it’s worth. Jaya attempts to cause her to comprehend that they cannot think twice about the custom and shows that other little girl parents in law have likewise done it. Meenakshika and Rati likewise attempts to persuade her appearance their inked names. Jaya get some information about Devraj and says that the custom cannot get everything rolling without him.

Somewhere else, Devraj comes there and persuades Krisha. He tells the name to the ladies and she goes to engrave on Krishas wrist. In the interim, Krisha gets reluctant to do it and notification a ladies fleeing. Around then a light tumbles down and the spot bursts into flames. Everybody flees and Krisha stalls out. She yells Devrajs name being frightened.

Devraj hops into the fire to arrive at Krisha. He embraces her to guarantee. Everybody stresses over them, while he says that she will be protected. They attempts to come out however couldnt because of the fire. Then, at that point, everybody begins tossing water on that space and the fire moves past. Krisha and Devraj got saved, while others takes an inhale of alleviation.

Ahead, Krisha goes inside her room and inform her dad and Yash about the episode. She commends how Devraj saved her, while her dad stresses over her security. In the mean time, Yash quiet him. While, Roma derides Devraj that assuming he took a chance with his life to save Krisha in light of the fact that he began enjoying her then he is a dolt.

Naina and Raghav examine about the fire occurrence. Raghav questions that how the spot bursts into flames? To which Aarav states that it is because of the candle. Raghav and Naina speaks sick with regards to Krisha, while Devraj comes there and cautions them. He likewise insults Raghav and leaves from that point.

Further, Roma Jaya and Devraj examine about the fire episode, while Jaya assumes the fault on herself. She says that it is her issue and guarantees that she wont let it cheerful once more. She says that she will protect her keys from sometime later. She additionally advises them that nobody other then them is familiar with the individual inside the mysterious room and says that they need to conceal reality from everybody.

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