Aggar Tum Na Hote 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Niyati lets Abhimanyu know that he is only her patient and she is truly burnt out on his joke. She cautions him to not joke like this again if not she will leave the work and leaves from that point. He reviews her words and furthermore Anands words about marriage. Niyati attempts to stop an auto and Anand stops his vehicle close to her and tells her that her obligation time is finished so presently they can go for espresso date. She lets him know that her folks should be hanging tight for her. He tells her that they need to talk since they will get hitched and she really want not to stress over her folks since he informed them as of now.

She gets in the vehicle and they arrives at the cafĂ©. He tells her that he can comprehend that everything happening unexpectedly yet he sat tight numerous years for this second. He uncovers that he never proposed her since he didnt need to lose her kinship. He guarantees that after marriage too she will be his companion. He asks her that for what reason she isn’t uttering a word about marriage and in case she enjoys somebody then she can tell him.

Abhimanyu breaks the glass saying that Niyati simply has a place with him. Manorama and others gets stressed seeing him like that. Niyati lets Anand know that assuming she loved somebody then she would not have hided that. She gets amazed seeing cake. Shayra calls Niyati and praises her for her fresh start. Niyati cuts the cake.

Abhimanyu lets his family know that he need to go to Nitayi. Everybody attempts to stop him. Uncle requests that Manorama call Niyati. Anand requests that Niyati not utilize versatile until their date moves past and keeps it to the side. Manorama calls Niyati yet no reaction from opposite side and she illuminates about it to her sibling. Abhimanyu gets more irate hearing her. Anand lets Niyati know that like he said he will change himself for her. She lets him know that he really want not to change for her. He goes to leave the vehicle. She sees missed calls and leaves from that point.

Slam and Sulochna gets stunned seeing Manorama in their home. Manorama lets them know that she came to meet Niyati. Sulochna invites her and asks her that how the last option knows Niyati. She discovers that Abhimanyu is Manoramas child. Manorama lets them know that Abhimanyu needs Niyati now. Slam uncovers that he definitely knows reality. Sulochna comprehends that why Ram concurred for Niyati and Anands marriage.

Niyati arrives at the visitor house. Abhimanyu tells her that she ought not leave him and he cannot be only her patient and requests that she love him. Smash requests that Manorama fail to remember Niyati and he cannot send his girl to Abhimanyu. She lets him know that she additionally saw them with Niyati in the emergency clinic and avoided them yet presently Abhimanyu needs Niyati.

Niyati requests that others loosen Abhimanyu. She requests that he quiet down. He tells her that he cannot wed Anand. She advises him that he vowed to Manorama that he wont hurt himself. He tells her that assuming she remained with him then he will be relieved soon. She requests that he take profound inhale and takes him to his room. She treats his physical issue and he gazes her ( Title tune plays behind the scenes ).

Manorama picks her siblings call and discovers that Niyati is with Abhimanyu and she illuminates about it to Ram and leaves from that point. Anand catches their discussion and miracles that what is Niyati and Abhimanyus past.

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