Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Mithila considers Saksham and tells that in this house everyones picture is holding tight the divider yet after the two of them get hitched still their photograph outline isn’t in the divider so she needs their wedding photograph to be on the divider. Gopika gets cheerful. Saksham takes a gander at Mithila and gestures his head. Mithila gives the photograph casing to Saksham and Gopika saying she need the two of them to drape it on the divider. The two of them snaps the picture outline from Mithila. Priya goes into the house and slams into Gopika.

The photograph outline tumbles to the ground and breaks into pieces. Gopika gets upset and others gets stunned. Anant and Hiten tells that Tejal wont make food so argues Ramila to do it. Ramila stays obstinate and tells they will just eat food which is made by Tejal up to that point she is prepared to remain hungry she has no issue. Hiten tells he and Anant have issue remaining hungry and argues Ramila to prepare food. Ramila tells that Hiten needs his significant other to remain glad and make his mom work.

Hiten tells dislike that. He then, at that point, offers her to do her leg and hand back rub to yet Ramila stay difficult. Priya checks out Saksham. Mithila thinks what sort of young lady she is that she has not feels awful for breaking the photograph outline. Priya apologizes for breaking the photograph casing and snaps the picture with her colloquialism she will purchase another photograph outline for this before Saksham could snap the picture. Gopika reviews the manner in which Priya embraced him on the lookout. Saksham gets astonished seeing Priya which drives Priya to tell a wisecrack at his response.

Saksham lets everybody know that Priya is his school companion. He then, at that point, chooses to present everybody except Priya interferes with saying she will get it. She goes to Keshav and Minal and says that Saksham jabbers about them in their school days. She additionally tells that she knows everyones different preferences so she purchased present for them. She takes her bag and gives gifts to Keshav and Minal. The two of them says thanks to her. She then, at that point, gifts Baa who favors her. She then, at that point, gifts Chirag and Ashi their gift. She lets Ashi know that she realizes her most loved is her cosmetics unit so she got it for her. Ashi gets glad and expresses gratitude toward her.

Mithila questions Priya that she is companions with Saksham in the school days that time Chirag isn’t hitched them how could she realizes Ashi likes make up unit. Priya gets stunned. Anant and Hiten requests that Ramila quit being obstinate and cook nourishment for them. Ramila again denies. Tejal comes there and tells their food will be here soon. Ramila gets cheerful and lets Hiten know that she let him know how to cause Tejal to oblige her words. Tejal requests that Ramila give her portable opening since she needs to take a selfie and her versatile is in control.

Ramila gives it to her. Hiten asks where is the food. Tejal tells when the entryway ringer rings then the food will be here on the grounds that she requested the food. Hiten gets stunned. Tejal opens the entryway when she hears the entryway ringer. She opens it and starts paying for the food. Ramila lets Hiten know that she dont care as long as the cash which she spent isn’t on her. Hiten tells that Tejal is paying utilizing her portable as it were. Ramila gets stunned. She then, at that point, gets stunned seeing the morning meal bill is Rs.2000 and gets irritated when Tejal gives her a clarification for that.

In Modi house Priya tells Mithila that Ashi and her are same age so its simple to think about what at the age of her young ladies loves the most. She then, at that point, tells Mithila that Saksham talkeed about her a great deal in school days. Mithila and Saksham takes a gander at one another and grins. Priya welcomes Mithila yet Mithila doesnt so Priya calls attention to at her then Mithila welcomes her back. Priya thinks herself that Mithila is being impolite. She then, at that point, lets Mithila know that she purchased a present for her as well and gives her a saree. Mithila tells Priya when Saksham was in school her saree decisions are unique in relation to how she know what she enjoys now. Priya gets stunned. Everybody takes a gander at Priya.

Priya lies saying that the whole city is familiar with Modi family and she has seen their meetings so through which she got to have some familiarity with about her saree. She then, at that point, tells her uncle tells one ought to acknowledge the gift given to them so Mithila grins and takes it from her. Priya checks out Gopika and goes towards her. She asks Gopika who are you. Eveyone gets stunned. Gopika gets awkward. Mithila lets Priya know that she will tell who is she and proceeds to remain next to Gopika. She then, at that point, lets Priya know that she is Mrs.Gopika Saksham Modi likewise the primary little girl in law of the house. Priya acts and tells that she doesnt know and furthermore tells that Saksham didnt conversed with her anything about her and pivots and energetically chides Saksham.

Everybody gets awkward. Ashi figures what will Saksham acquaint Gopika with Priya that she is a uninformed numb-skull and conceals her grin. Mithila asks Priya that due to her the photograph outline broke and she has the image where the person who sitting next to Saksham is Gopika is she not took note. Priya apologizes to Gopika. Gopika tells it’s anything but no joking matter then, at that point, requests that she have water a similar time Priya advances her hand to do a handshake.

Gopika takes a gander at Mithila who signs at her so she advances her hand however wind up spilling the water on Priya. Priya asks Gopika what she did. Gopika apologizes to her and tells her that she will clean it. Saksham requests that Gopika take Priya to their room and take appropriate consideration of her and leaves for his office.

Gopika takes Priya to their room and requests that Priya pick which saree she needs and tells her that she will clean and return the dress which is ruined before. Priya lets Gopika know that she is fortunate to have Saksham in her life. Gopika tells she is off-base since when the two individuals get hitched both will luck out. Priya powers a grin. Gopika requests that Priya change the dress and leaves the room. Priya feels that she thought about Gopika as her opposition yet she isn’t. In case she requests that she leave Saksham she will oblige without scrutinizing her and grins. In breakfast table Minal tells Mithila its been ten minutes and will they start their morning meal.

Mithila declines saying that they all will have food together after Gopika returns. Keshav blows up yet stays quiet when Mithila gives him a befitting answer. Ashi tells in the event that Keshav himself dont say anything, they cannot do anything. Mithila sees and asks Ashi what is she saying to which she tells that is pondering where Gopika went. She then, at that point, taunts Gopikas love for god. Priya tosses every one of the dresses. She then, at that point, observes the booklet of Gopikas plans. She observes Radhikas name Written in it. She likewise reviews Sakshams meet. Gopika comes there and apologizes to them for making them stand by. She then, at that point, takes two plates which makes Chirag to address and test her sanity saying Saksham isn’t here. Gopika grins and tells that this is for Priya.

Chirag gets some information about her as well. Why they going to have food Gopika tells that she will proceed to call Priya in light of the fact that she is visitor and they need to take legitimate consideration of her so they all set their food back. Gopika proceeds to request that Priya descend saying everybody is sitting tight for her. Priya gets shared and drops the journal of the plans and lets Gopika know that she will be there in couple of moments.

Precap: Gopika holds the plan to her and lets Baa know that today she will come clean with everybody about Radhika. Priya feels that she really wants to observe who is Radhika additionally grins saying she realizes how to take the plan from Radhika.

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