Udaariyaan 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 30th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Naaz taking her telephone and asking are you keeping an eye on me. Nehmat says unwind, I m not getting organization, so I was turning on versatile area of interest. Naaz says I will check, I will set it up for you. Nehmat gets some information about Bewafa organizer. Naaz says it’s a shock melodies envelope, I hear it once in a while.

Nehmat asks did it interface, much obliged. Naaz thinks I got saved. Jasmin hears the wedding card and says this marriage will not occur. Shelly gets some information about the arrangements. Jasmin says I said this marriage will not occur, presently this marriage will occur. She keeps Naaz and Advait’s cards. Shelly says Naaz loves Nikhil, she will not concur.

Jasmin says I m her mum, I know her, cash is demon than adoration to her. She met Advait. Nikhil comes to call him. He says I chose to go to Switzerland on wedding trip, Naaz likewise prefers it, book it, it’s a decent proposition. Advait says I will return home and talk, not presently. FB closes. Jasmin says in the event that Advait rules there, Naaz will wed him. Shelly says OK, you are correct.

Jasmin says I have mental fortitude to make unimaginable conceivable, you don’t have to take pressure, mandap isn’t prepared here, simply see what I do. Naaz says when Mallika sees these pics, she will lash out. She adulates her astuteness. She says Advait will be abandoned in the mandap. Jasmin says we need to trade the ladies, Naaz will wed Advait, and Mallika will sit with Nikhil.

Satti says pandit ji will get sindoor. Pandit gets the sindoor. He says give this to your little girl. The sindoor flies and moves past Nehmat’s hair. He says Matarani gave her approval. Satti says yet marriage is of my more youthful girl.

Nehmat says OK. He says who realizes who will likewise get hitched. Satti thinks will Ekam excuse her and wed her. Nehmat thinks I wish Ekam pardons me. Jasmin requests that Shelly have desserts. Shelly hacks. Jasmin determines what all she did. Shelly asks what do you mean, whose children did you trade. Jasmin says it’s confidential, you need to impress know it.

Shelly says I meet you at 12 PM and didn’t educate anybody regarding you, how much will I show what me can do. Jasmin says ward Nehmat off, she is consistently in spotlight, we need to stay on track clear. Nehmat washes off the sindoor and mehendi. Jasmin says they shouldn’t have the foggiest idea about our arrangement. Shelly says even I don’t have the foggiest idea, tell me, how to do this, I didn’t see this lady trade previously.

Jasmin says I have seen and heard moreover. She reviews her marriage with Amrik. Shelly says yet how might we cause Naaz to sit with Advait. Jasmin says you believe I should accomplish practically everything, what are lady of the hour’s companions for. Shelly says Nehmat…

Naaz prevents Nehmat from scratching her hand. Nehmat says Mallika will stress seeing this A. Naaz grins and figures I will eradicate destiny lines from her hand. She asks her not to stress. She says it occurred accidentally, simply sit back and relax, you have no undertaking with him. Nehmat expresses shut up. Naaz does the guide. Nehmat says now everything is correct, I believe that your and Mallika’s marriage should happen well. Naaz says you can definitely relax, nothing out of sorts will occur.

Jasmin pays Shelly. She says I need to observe Naaz’s marriage, I need to put a tadka in the marriage. Shelly says yet my name shouldn’t in the middle between, I have no choice than remaining here. Jasmin says never take strain, give pressure, you can say thanks to me later, I will do your half of your work.

She calls Mallika and says come and pick the lehenga from the store. Mallika checks and says I have my shirt with me. Jasmin says there is a major issue, its about my work, kindly come to the store and take the right shirt. Mallika says OK, I m coming. Jasmin requests that Shelly start.

Shelly clicks Mallika’s pic and calls Jasmin. She says Mallika has gone to the display area, I m pursuing her. Jasmin grins seeing Mallika. She says Naaz will wear the equivalent lehenga. Ekam cries seeing Jay’s pic. Worker gets a bundle for him. Ekam expresses bundle from Shimla, however I don’t know anybody there.

He really looks at the bundle. He gets a note from Nehmat. He understands it… Jayveer uncle like this cloak, it wasn’t accessible at the shop, I asked the retailer to dispatch it at whatever point its accessible. Ekam cries and says Nehmat went there for work, and still, after all that she was considering father, did I misconstrue her and our adoration in view of my aggravation. He reviews her words. He asks did I do anything amiss with Nehmat.

Precap: Jasmine goes into the house and joins everybody in dance. Nehmat, during customs, sees Jasmine.

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