Parineetii 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Neeti asks Rajiv for what valid reason Biji continues saying that I am annihilating your home? Rajiv says she recently implied that I ought to get hitched to a young lady and you are Pari’s companion as it were. Neeti says then what issue she has with me coming near you? Rajiv says she is possessive about me and maintains that me should wed a young lady like her. She will be good with you soon.

Biji lets Pari know that I saw Neeti and Rajiv in the yard. Pari says it’s OK. Biji says I could do without that young lady, she has eyes on your significant other so you ought to toss her out. Pari thinks Neeti should be here and not me.

Neeti lets Rajiv know that we are living like we are not hitched however having an unsanctioned romance. Rajiv embraces her and says she will acknowledge you soon.

Biji requests that Pari toss her companion out if not she will make it happen. Pari says she is living here a result of her conjugal issue, I need to help her as a companion. Biji says I realize you trust Rajiv and he wouldn’t do any such thing yet blind trust isn’t great.

Neeti cries and lets Rajiv know that everybody continues to applaud Pari here, I need to procure their adoration as well. They even commendation Rajiv like he is a decent man. I’m superior to that man, he annihilated Pari’s life. In the event that I meet him, I will drag him to Biji and let her know sort of a man he. Rajiv requests that she quiet down, he embraces her and says simply center around your Sanju.

Biji requests that Pari watch out for her significant other and her companion. Pari figures how to tell her Neeti has right on Rajiv, they are hitched and she needs to acknowledge Neeti soon. I simply maintain that this matter should be addressed.

Pari gets up from her bed yet is in torment. Rajiv comes to her and says I can help you. Pari says I needn’t bother with your pity for 2 days, our relationship has finished so center around Neeti. Rajiv says I’m only focusing on you since you are harmed. He holds her and takes her to the washroom.

Neeti comes there and thinks what is Sanju doing here? Rajiv tells her that he was simply helping Pari going to the washroom, he leaves from that point. Neeti figures she ought to find the photograph that Pari was stowing away. She checks out her bed yet can’t track down it. She opens her cabinet and looks for it. She is going to open a cabinet yet Rajiv returns and asks what’s happening with she?

Neeti says I was simply checking assuming she really wants her garments to be squeezed. Rajiv shuts the cabinet and say it’s not required. Neeti is befuddled. Pari comes there so Neeti hurries to her. Rajiv leaves. Pari says I’m heartbroken about Biji accusing you however she isn’t terrible, she is simply not great. I simply need to demand you to avoid Sanju for somedays so Biji can acknowledge you completely, I maintain that she should adore you completely.

Neeti grins and says you ponder me so much, you have such countless issues yet at the same time contemplating me. I think my concerns are enormous however at that point I take a gander at your concerns and afterward I feel miserable for you. I simply know that in the event that your significant other is with you, you can win any conflict. I won’t extra that Rajiv, he is annihilating your life so leave him. She says I need to see the photograph you had on your bed. Pari says I will show you at some point later on. Neeti believes assuming she is concealing something?

Neeti comes to the kitchen and starts helping Chandrika yet Gurvindar sends Chandrika away. She tells Neeti that I realize Biji reprimanded you due to Pari. Imagine a scenario where you were investing energy with Rajiv. Till when Pari will remain here? Neeti says I don’t generally dislike her remaining here. Gurvindar says I know however she ought to address her matters soon, I know anything happened today with you was a direct result of Pari in particular.

Gurvindar thinks I need to demonstrate her as a preferred girl in regulation over Pari. Neeti says everybody likes Pari in this house like they know her well overall. Gurvindar expresses yes from a half year.. I mean we simply know her for certain days. Neeti supposes assuming Pari is misleading her? Pari deals with the family like her own which is great.

Pari reviews Biji’s words to watch out for Neeti. Her modify self image says to toss Neeti out of the house and make a spot in Rajiv’s life? Pari says no, she is my sister and my companion. Her adjust inner self says those connections kicked the bucket way previously, you both are foes now. Pari cries and says no, she is my dearest companion. Her modify inner self says why are you remaining here? You made Biji like you such a lot of that she has begun loathing Neeti, this is going on a direct result of you.

Pari says no.. I simply need to make all that fine and afterward I will leave. Her change inner self says then you can leave and ponder yourself. Who will wed you now? Quit burning through your time for your closest companion and contemplate yourself. Pari cries and figures I can’t separate Neeti-Rajiv, I will leave from that point.

Neeti sits alone and says I don’t have the foggiest idea about why Pari isn’t leaving Rajiv. I will proceed to converse with him. I will compromise him to leave Pari. She calls Sanju there and says I have chosen to meet Rajiv and request that he leave Pari. Rajiv is stunned to hear that.

Precap: Neeti requests that Pari come clean or probably she will see her dead face. Pari lets Neeti know that she cares deeply about Sanju. Sanju tells Neeti, I just love you, Neeti says I disdain you and slaps him. Neeti blacks out.

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