Parineetii 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajeev requesting that Parineet drink the turmeric milk. Neeti comes there and asks him what’s happening here? Rajeev tells her that Parineet tumbled down and hurt her leg. However she isn’t drinking turmeric milk. Neeti asks her what was the deal? Rajeev tells her that he hold her on ideal opportunity. He was the one dressed her injury.

Neeti saw her photograph and ask her about it? Parineet requests that she take rest. Rajeev feels that Parineet holding their wedding photograph under their bed. It appears she actually has sentiments on him. Rajeev takes Neeti from that point. Parineet feels sorry towards Neeti.

Biji wishes to hear Parineet and Rajeev’s discussion. Biji sees Neeti taking Rajeev from that point. She protests to Chandrika that she insulted her morning. However she isn’t pay attention to her. She saw Parineet gazing her wedding photograph. She feels that Parineet contemplating her better half yet he is occupied with that young lady.

Neeti shows an unexpected Rajeev. She recollects the manner in which she cried after Biji reprove her. She questioned for what reason did Biji chide her for hold her better half hand. She did no wrongdoing. Gurinder tells her that she shouldn’t accept Biji’s words to her heart. She enlightens her that Biji doesn’t know regarding their relationship.

Her wellbeing isn’t well. To that end concealing reality from her is fundamental. She requests that she watch out. On the off chance that she isn’t ready then somebody will grab her Sanju from her. Neeti tells her that nobody will grab him from her.

She encourages her to give a shock to him and dazzle him. Gurinder believes that Parineet played a great deal. Now is the ideal time to reward them. Afterward, Neeti tells Rajeev that he might be thinking why she is giving astonishment to him as opposed to blowing up on him.

She needs to be positive during her pregnancy. She needs to get great name from Biji. She would rather not get a terrible impression from her. She needs to cheerfully acknowledge her. Rajeev believes that Biji likes Parineet a ton. It’s uncertainty regardless of whether she acknowledge her?

Rajeev tells her that she is pregnant. She don’t have to arrange for this all. Chandrika imagines that all that will be finished assuming Biji see Rajeev with Neeti. Rajeev values her unexpected arrangement. He going to kiss on her hand. Biji comes there and asks him why is he here? He says that he was investing energy with Neeti here when Parineet was harmed. Rajeev misleads her that they made arrangements for this.

Yet, her leg got injured to that end they came here alone. Biji asks him how’s he doing her here alone in patio? Biji says that he ought to have helped Parineet not with her. Doesn’t Neeti her companion? Who will act like that when her companion was harmed.

Rajeev attempts to persuade her however Biji request him to go down. Rajeev implores god to save Neeti from Biji. In the interim, Monty is doing exercise. Babli derides at him. The two winds up contending with one another.

Rajeev imparts what is happening to Monty. Babli says that he broke her sister heart. For that reason he was experiencing some of what he might have doled out to someone else. Rajeev says that she was correct. In the interim, Biji requests that Chandrika leave from that point. Biji asks Neeti what’s her thought process? She asks her what’s her aim? Neeti asks her what she did? She was simply conversing with him in patio.

She grumblings that she was here to break this family and somebody’s life. Neeti tells her that she was conversing with Sanju. Biji asks her who is Sanju? She tells her that he is her grandson. She asks her how is it that she could change his name? He is Golu. Neeti feels that she fail to remember her and Sanju moreover. She attempts to persuade her that she was an old buddy of Parineet. Biji says that she won’t confide in Neeti. She tells her that she will toss her out of the house.

Neeti leaves from that point. Biji imparts everything to Parminder. She deceives her that Parineet is in visitor room. Rajeev has some work to that end she taking rest in visitor room. Biji encourages Parineet to watch out for Rajeev.

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