Udaariyaan 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 29th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Ekam encouraging Nehmat to hit the dance floor with him notwithstanding her refusal. Ekam moves. Jee Karda melody plays in the BG. He pulls Nehmat nearer to him. He reviews Jayveer’s self destruction. He holds Nehmat firmly, not letting her go. He spins her excessively quick and leaves her hand. Nehmat is going to fall.

Advait holds Nehmat. Ekam hauls Nehmat towards him and powers her to hit the dance floor with him. Nehmat requests that Ekam leave her. Mallika additionally attempts to liberate Nehmat from Ekam’s hold. Mallika’s mehendi gets applied to Nehmat’s hand erroneously. Nehmat slaps Ekam. Everybody is stunned while Naaz sneers.

Nehmat requests that Ekam leave if he would rather not ruin Mallika’s mehndi capability. Mallika runs from that point crying. Naaz pursues Mallika. Ekam staggers and tumbles down. He says that he is fine and requests to call Mallika. Nehmat goes to track down Mallika.

Naaz shares with Mallika that Nehmat and Ekam can never rejoin. She flaunts that she has Nikhil, yet Nehmat has nobody. Naaz goes about as comforting Mallika on seeing Nehmat and Rama. Nehmat embraces Mallika and apologizes to her for what occurred. Rama reminds Nehmat that she guaranteed that she wouldn’t commit any error in the mehndi function, however she ruined it. Rama takes Mallika from that point. Not entirely settled to figure out who distributed the article and who’s answerable for Jayveer’s demise.

Nehmat is dealing with her PC. Satti goes to Nehmat. The last option shares with Satti that she took the assistance of an abroad companion to figure out the area from where Jayveer’s article had been distributed. She further says that she needs to find who got it done, as Jayveer ended it all in view of that article. She likewise stressed that individual can hurt Ekam.

Mallika goes to Ekam, who is sitting alone tragically. She covers a sweeping around his shoulder. Mallika faults Ekam for ruining her Mehndi capability and her mehndi, which is a terrible sign. Here, Satti sees that Advait’s name’s mehndi applied to Nehmat’s hand. She says that Ekam shouldn’t have gotten rowdy in Mallika’s mehndi capability. Nehmat protects Ekam. She says that Ekam will lament his demonstration later. He isn’t to blame.

Ekam faults Nehmat for Jayveer’s passing and won’t excuse her of all time. Mallika accepts that Nehmat, who is her companion, can never do that. Ekam cautions Mallika that Nehmat will make her extremely upset. Mallika says that Nehmat can never hurt her. Here, Satti respects Nehmat’s resistance.

Nehmat requests that Satti implore God that she persuades solidarity to be content during Naaz’s wedding. Satti stresses over Naaz missing her mother on her important day. Somewhere else, Jasmine is taking a gander at the precious stone jewelry that Naaz would not acknowledge. She says that Naaz needs to wear this set for her wedding despite the fact that Nikhil got her numerous jewel sets. She adds that she will conclude whom Naaz ought to wed.

Nehmat is on a video call with his companion. Unexpectedly, she faces some organization issues. So she actually looks at Naaz’s telephone to interface with its area of interest. She coincidentally finds an envelope named treachery. She considers what it is. All at once, Naaz shows up there and stands stunned. She believes that the disloyalty envelope has the photographs of Nehmat with Advait and thinks about what to do.

Precap: Nehmat hairline loaded up with vermillion because of the weighty breeze. Jasmine tears Naaz and Nikhil’s wedding card and tells Shelly that Naaz ought to get hitched to Advait. Nehmat attempts to harshy clear out the A for Advait mehndi plan from her hand.

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