Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with the disclosure of Jhumri by Simar, uncovering her. However, Simar marvels to see that there is no scar in front of her, the substance of Jhumri looks so perfect. Sandhya and Chitra mutually reproaches Simar.

Jhumri blurs her consuming sign before hand. Chitra reproves Simar for trouble making and how seriously she put Jhumri down. Badima additionally reprimand Simar for her unwavering dubious with respect to the sculpture and Laboni. Jhumri appears hurted with regards to this episode.

Jhumri wishes to go out of this offended way of behaving. She says thanks to them and forward moving steps to go out. Simar expressions of remorse for her inconsiderate way of behaving and asks pardoning with her joint hands. Notwithstanding having the solicitation of Simar, Jhumri declines her words. Yet, when Aarav requests that she stay in the house, she agress at that time to remain. Vivaan feels something odd in her way of behaving.

At the point when Vivaan goes to make sure that specific photograph of Jhumri, which he clicked, he neglected to figure out that specific photograph. In the mean time Jhumri makes a creepy climate to divert Vivaan’s regard for the photograph and amidst the all bedlam, she erased everything.

Police comes to examine the alive servent of Roy Chowdhury to get sure of the killer. Servent rejects that this isn’t the young lady who killed his lord. Police is affirmed that Simar isn’t the young lady, rather there was monstrous, half consumed young lady who crushed their lord. In the wake of leaving the police, the servent is gone after by Jhumri in her bed and notwithstanding of imploring of his life, he is fiercely killed by Laboni.

In the following day, Vivaan asks all the servents to come for the snap and adhar Card demonstrate. That’s what unexpectedly Jhumri sees, the amendment fix which she gets relax from her face, yet when Vivaan at long last demands Jhumri to open her face, she divulges her immaculate face. Then, at that point, unexpectedly Vivaan is approached to come in the corridor.

Police again accompanies the definite video of clinic murder, Chitra affirms that this is the dress which has a place with Simar. Aarav again brings up this video doesn’t likewise show the essence of Simar.

In any case, police declines to trust the reality and honesty of Simar. They requests that Aarav call Simar, yet Aarav stresses the significance of his presence.When you Aditi reachez in the room of Simar to call her, notice is in the restroom that, there are such countless bloods in the bowl, the water is open.

Reema and Aditi sees that there is a careful blade on the bowl, which was found in the video. They gather the blade with a covering and leave the spot.

Chitra finds out if they got the blade of the wrongdoing or not, police tells that they didn’t get the blade. At that time,
Reema and Aditi hand over the blade which they get from the restroom of Simar and Aarav.

Police gathers the snatched blade and calls Simar for the cross examination. All are thunderstrucked to know the face. At last Simar shows up with another blade.

Precap: Police group has shown up to put Simar behind the bar and charges her as the killer. Simar articulates that there is might be some looks like between two characters yet the young lady isn’t Simar.

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