Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Simar getting back home. Overseer asks where could she have been? Simar shows him blade. Overseer points weapon at her. Aarav requests that Overseer hold the weapon down. He asks Simar what’s going on with she? Simar says she had gone to get the blade honed. Controller shows her careful blade.

Simar asks what’s going on here? She didn’t see it previously. Examiner says it is deadly weapon. Chitra inquires as to whether she needed to crash confirmations by washing the blood stains. Badimaa requests that she stop it. Simar asks who was killed and what the deadly weapon is doing here. Controller asks where was she the previous evening? Simar says she was at home.

Aarav says she was with me in our room. Auditor asks them not to meddle and requests that Simar accompany them. Aarav requests that Assessor converse with her here as it were. Investigator tells that they can take her to PS and grill, yet contemplating their regard, he is questioning her here. Simar requests that Aarav have confidence in Mata Rani. Monitor and Simar are in the room.

Assessor shows her CCTV film. Simar says this isn’t me. He plays the music and tells that he don’t believe anybody should hear them. Vivaan sees Labuni. Sandhya asks Labuni what’s going on, as she believed that Police will capture Simar. Labuni says she will proceed to check. Chitra requests that she proceed to give water to Police.

Vivaan stops her and sends another Worker to give water. Chitra tells that it is sickening that Simar is engaged with the homicide. Reema tells that Simar can’t imagine anybody’s homicide even in her fantasies and lets Badimaa know that they all know her.

Badimaa tells that reality will be out very soon. She cautions Sandhya and Chitra not to oppose Simar. She says my heart realizes that my Simar is blameless. Giriraj tells that they will converse with DSP. Gajendra says let Police take care of their responsibilities, I’m certain that Simar is honest, similarly as reality emerges, everybody’s mouth will be shut.

Simar lets Auditor know that she is honest and haven’t done anything. Controller tells that he realizes that she is blameless and haven’t done the homicide. He tells that the young lady has worn her garments and serious the killings. Simar requests that he tell Aarav and Badimaa, as they are concerned.

Auditor says he can’t tell anybody, as the guilty party is in the house. He shows the weapon which they got in the restroom. He tells that they need to do the show so the offender gets lighthearted and do some slip-up. Aarav gets fretful and tells that he can hardly stand by any longer and starts strolling to come to the room.

Auditor tells that whoever is blameworthy, has reach to your room as well. Simar asks how to find out for what good reason did that young lady need, why she is catching me? Reviewer tells that they will get the young lady with their theatrics, this is the best way to get that sharp young lady, in the event that she comprehends our arrangement, she will change her game.

Simar requests that how conceal this from Aarav ji. Controller requests that she imagine that anything she is doing is for her family’s regard and tells that no one will realize that you are blameless. Investigator lets Simar know that how he can be totally certain that she isn’t killer, when every one of the evidences are against her. Investigator tells that the main observer affirmed that the killer was not you, and that the young lady has the consumed blemish all over.

Simar is stunned and ponders Labuni. Monitor requests that she guarantee that she won’t tell this to anybody. Simar says alright. Aarav thumps on the entryway. Constable says you can’t head inside. Examiner requests that Simar think who is this lady, and afterward no one but I can help. He opens the entryway. Aarav comes inside and embraces Simar. Simar thinks consumed face is Labuni. Labuni is remaining outside and hears them. Monitor requests that Aarav sign on the papers, and tells that Simar will stay put.

Badimaa guarantees him. Aarav asks Simar what’s going on, why Police is accusing you. Simar says even I can’t learn about you, and tells that she confides in Mata Rani. She requests that Badimaa recall generally that her choices are in support of herself. Labuni is standing and hearing them.

Aditi lets them know that she doesn’t see who is the young lady. Vivaan tells that he attempted to take Jhumri’s pic. Reema asks Simar, which dresses you have given her. Labuni comes there and shows the garments which Simar had given her, and tells that she realizes that they are questioning her, yet she is honest.

Sandhya and Chitra come there. Sandhya reprimands Simar and tells that Jhumri has helped out on them. She requests that Labuni take more dresses of Simar. She takes out the dresses from her almira, and picks the dress which Labuni had worn to perpetrate the wrongdoing. She tells that it is a similar dress in the CCTV film. Labuni grins. chitra says OK. Sandhya additionally grins.

Precap: Simar meets Master ji and requests that he determine what happened that evening. Master ji tells that the sculpture got alive that evening and took humanly structure. Simar is stunned.

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