Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th November 2021 Written Story;

The scene begins with Anurag chatting on telephone and telling to get his US Visa handled rapidly. Priyanka catches Anurag and goes to his chamber to ask where is he going. Anurag tells he has a significant case and calls the ACP with respect to Bishus case. Anurag tells Priyanka he is got a proposal from a medical clinic in New York so he will work there.

Priyanka tells how might he leave her like this and who will run his emergency clinic? Anurag tells life doesnt stop in light of one individuals and all that will be overseen. Priyanka thinks Anurag is leaving a result of Kajol and she needs to take care of business. Anurag figures one he can get Kajol freed of her cash issues he can leave calmly.

Dida Maa calls Priyanka to meet her. Kajol implores Maa Durga for everyones success. Sharmila comes to sanctuary and tells Durga Maa that Anurag has told her not to converse with Kajol but rather if she doesnt talk with her Anurag will pass on to US.

Sharmila inquires as to whether Anurag and Kajols relationship didn’t make them favor for what reason did she let Kajol come in his life and swoons. Kajol hears a woman falling oblivious and comes to help her. Sharmila gets happy tracking down Kajol in sanctuary. Kajol advises Sharmila to drink some water and is going to call Anurag.

Sharmila prevents Kajol from considering Anurag and educates her regarding Anurag going to US. Sharmila makes Kajol guarantee her that she will stop Anurag. Kajol thinks she vowed to stop Anurag cabin how might she do as such. Grandma meets Priyanka and tells her no one but she can stop Anurag. Priyanka tells Grandmother that Anurag is leaving on the grounds that Kajol made himextremely upset and assuming he avoids her he will fail to remember her.

Priyanka tells Dida Maa not to stop Anurag in light of the fact that once he fails to remember Kajol even she can go to US. Dida maa tells she doesnt like Kajol by any means and Priyanka will pass on everything and move to US for Anurag so nobody can cherish him more than her.

Anurag watches a woman at the gathering and gets energized believing her to be Kajol. Anurag gets frustrated to observe she is no Kajol. Anurag thinks for what reason is his heart and mind causing him to act like this when there is no expectation. Kajol thinks she dismissed Anurags propasal impolitely and she ought to apologize and let him know the justification for her dismissal. Kajol comes to Anurags clinic and gets some information about Anurag at the gathering. Anurag looks towards the gathering however another person comes in the middle of Anurag thinks now he is envisioning voices for what reason would Kajol come here.

Priyanka watches Kajol at the gathering and figures she can’t allow Kajol to meet Anurag till he leaves for US. Priyanka considers the medical caretaker at gathering and tells her not to let Kajol inside. Kajol leaves in the wake of hanging tight for at some point. Priyanka tells the attendant not to allow Kajol to meet Anurag. The scene closes with Priyanka observing Kajol remaining behind her.

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