Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode started with Anurag dropping Priyanka to her home in his car. Priyanka tells Anurag he looks upset,she can take a cab to her home. Anurag tells he can drop her. Priyanka tells Anurag why is he worried so much and he should let his heart take decisions which are supposed to be taken by brain.

Priyanka tells Anurag how much does he know Kajol? If he wanted to help her he could have given her some charity or work not a marriage proposal. Anurag tells Kajol doesn’t need any support or charity,the truth is he needs her. Anurag tells he didn’t ask to marry Kajol out of pity but it was out of love,he doesn’t want to support her he wants to become her life partner. Anurag tells Priyanka some people remain strangers even after a long time and some people become a part of our life from the first meeting and he feels such a relationship with Kajol.

Kajol gets upset looking at Anurag and Priyanka’s engagement card. Thakur Maa asks her did she think about Anurag’s proposal? Kajol tells her answer is still no and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Thakur Maa sings Kajol to sleep. Anurag stops his car and keeps thinking about Kajol. Anurag thinks should he call Kajol and say sorry to her. Anurag thinks maybe he can ask her to forget everything and be friends or he can tell her the truth that he cannot leave without her.

Kajol is walking home late at night and gets scared. Some goons catch Kajol but Anurag comes there and saves Kajol. Anurag hugs Kajol and tells her she doesn’t need to worry he is there to save her and he won’t leave her alone ever. Anurag is about to kiss Kajol and Kajol wakes up from her dream. Kajol thinks why is she dreaming about Anurag.

Sharmila gets worried when Anurag doesn’t return home whole night. Anurag comes home and tells he has decided to leave India. Anurag’s grandmother tells him he is not going anywhere. Anurag tells he is more stubborn than her and his decision is final. Sharmila tells grandmother not to worry she will talk with Anurag. Anurag’s grandmother tells his father if he would have let Anurag stay with her none of this would have happened. Anurag keeps thinking about his moments with Kajol and gets angry that he ruined it all. Sharmila knocks on Anurag’s door and tells him to open the door.

Sharmila tries to make Anurag understand that he is taking a decision in hurry. Kajol thinks when she has decided not to keep any relation with doctor Anurag why is she dreaming about him? Thakur maa tells Kajol to go to temple today it will bring peace to her mind. The episode ends with Anurag thinking he won’t let his heart win over his brain.

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