Nima Denzongpa 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Nima visiting Sias bank and Shiv welcomes her. Nima cautions Tulika to avoid her little girl and Tulika leaves smoldering. Nima compliments him for his marriage. He asks the justification behind her being there for which Nima says she came to store Sias pay which she gave her. Shiv says thanks to her when his better half calls him. He goes to the call and says about Sias mother visiting her. Kanchan requests that he give the call to her and Nima talks with her. She welcomes Nima for supper. Nima has a go at denying considerately however Kanchan doesnt let her and cuts the call. Sia comes there and Shiv leaves. Nima says the justification for her meeting the bank and Sia laments for her conduct. Nima withdraws.

Tulika grumblings to Sunita about Nimas impolite conduct and says about fights outside. Manya calls Nima stressed over fights. Shiv illuminates Sia about the fights while Sia stresses for Nima who recently left. Suresh tracks down Babitas neckband in the vehicle and calls Babita. She says that its a phony one and asks hin not to mind it. She requests that he give it to any workers in the house. Nima stalls out in the fights while Sia and Shiv save her. Sia apologizes for her impolite conduct and Nima requests that she let it go. Meanwhile, Suman gets some information about Mithali where Paras says that he previously told her that they are not viable. Suman gets stressed.

Suresh comes inside to find Aasha and makes an arrangement. He gives the accessory to Aasha lying that its exorbitant neckband and he needs to give it to Babita. He thinks that she is taking a gander at the neckband eagerly and smiles. Aasha guarantees to give the jewelry and leaves with it cheerfully. Nima gets back home with Sia where she is sorry and the two of them consent to not conceal a single thing from one another. Sia reminds her with regards to Kanchan driving her to go to supper yet guarantees that she would track down one more method for dismissing it. Suman is stressed over Paras while Maaji and Dinesh were content with the proposition.

Mithalis guardians visit the Goenkas and was truly irate on Paras. They acted impolite and expressed what Paras said to their girl. It comes aa a stunner for everybody while Dinesh consents to figure it out in some way. They take steps to break the collusion with Babita as well in case something wrong occurs. They leave furiously. Dinesh goes up against Suman if shes mindful of whatever occurred while Suman stands alarms. Dinesh is angry with his child. Dinesh calls Paras and asks hinyto come to manufacturing plant as theres a critical occupation there. He says that he needs to talk an import issue with him yet he doesnt tune in and cuts the call. Manya requests that Nima not go to the supper and cook some reason. She requests that she lie that gas pipe is fixed. Nima concurs and is going to call Kanchan however Manya stops her and requests that she illuminate next morning to make it look genuine.

Aasha and her significant other pack their things and pass on the neckband to have a superior life some place. Then again, Maaji and Dinesh plan something to trap Param and cautions Suman to keep shut in regards to something very similar. Suman feels its out of line yet they shut her. Paras illuminates Manya that hes going to Suraj for some dire work and they can talk once hes back. The two of them choose to uncover reality to one another when they meet. Next morning, Nima calls Kanchan and with battle lies her with regards to gas pipe. Kanchan says its fine. She cuts the call while Kanchan prods Nima for being so apprehensive for a little falsehood. Suresh comes to kitchen and observes Aasha missing. He finds Pakhiji about Aasha who says about her leaving without saying anything. He misses Nima. Suresh comprehends that his arrangement worked and visited Aashas house. He discovered that she left with her things abs gets back to Nima to come for work.

Nima gets glad. He likewise says Suman regarding his arrangement and Suman is happy that she got uncovered. Kanchan says about Nimas issue and wishes to bring lunch herself so they can meet. Shiv concurs. Aasha returns to work discovering that its destiny when she tracks down Nima and Suresh with Suman. She comprehends that its all Sureshs plan and exhaust while Suman requests that Nima express gratitude toward Suresh. She requests that she come for work from following day. Nima cheerfully concur.

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