Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Written Story:

The Episode begins with Sia taunting Nima how she always wanted this only. She gives the money to Nima. Sia is about to leave when Nima stops her and says it’s enough today you need to speak your heart out and say all the poison you have for me in your heart. Sia says you want to listen right, then listen you have always taken away love from me, Shiv is not the first love you took away from me, my baba was my first love whom you took away from me and now Shiv. Sia says you just want us to earn and never get loved because you didn’t get your love. Mania says what are you saying Sia.

Naari comes to Sia and says don’t talk to Nima like this you know she did all this for us how it’s her fault. Nima says let her say it all, I understand how you feel. Sia says no you can’t, everyday in office I see Shiv and I get reminded of everything and today I met his wife who is so sweet, I am left alone. Nima says you knew Shiv from only few days, I knew your baba for so many years and after that seeing her with Tulika and having kids with her it was so difficult to watch, so I do understand your pain well.

Nima says love changes people, I left everything for you baba and see how it ended and in your case Shiv was so in love with you then how come he never tried to talk to you again and just got married and here you let this love take a toll on your health and behaviour?. Nima says you want time then take your time but I want you to start living the normal life, we are all here to help you through this time.

Here, Suresh wakes up Sunita and asks her to sleep with Tulika and he will sleep here. Sunita says you and Tulika fight a lot now end it and go and sleep there. Sunita goes back to sleep without listening to anything. Suresh goes up and Tulika pretends to care of how the girls get adult so soon and how Sia gifted him a shirt. Suresh says yes this shirt is really special to me, Sia, Mania and Naari are so bright and I am so proud of them and it’s because of how Nima raised them so nicely the credit goes to her.

Tulika makes faces and nods. Tulika then brings the topic of Shiv saying is the Shiv case solved now? Suresh says finally you came to your point, I knew it, even I have learnt from you I knew you were acting to care before you just wanted gossip just stay away from my daughters and Nima or else I will not consider anything and the consequences will be bad. Suresh goes to sleep. While Tulika thinks I will only win.

Here, Mania and Naari try to calm Sia and clear her doubts regarding leaving such a good job just because of Shiv. On the other hand, Suman comes to Paras and makes her understand about how cancelling the marriage will affect his sister’s rishta as well. Suman advises Paras to go and meet with Mitali things will get better. Paras wonders what to do now.

Next day, Sia goes to office and she eats food and takes tiffin too. Mania, Naari and Nima become happy seeing this change. Here, Tulika decides to go to the bank and know more. Here, Nima thinks keeping so much cash is not safe so she decides to go to bank to deposit it. Tulika talks rudely in the reception asking about Shiv. Sia sees her and takes Tulika with her. Tulika says I came to open bank account. Sia controls the situation and doesn’t answer back much when she knows Tulika is here just to create scene.

Then Tulika says Suresh told me about Shiv’s matter as I am his wife na, you can share anything with me, I am not against you at all. Sia does the paper work and says sign here and your account will get created. Sia leaves as her boss calls her. Tulika thinks how to get information now. Just when Tulika is about to leave, she hears Shiv’s name, she goes to Shiv and says you are Sia’s friend. Shiv says tell me what is this about? Tulika sees a photograph of Shiv’s wedding and asks if he is married. Shiv says yes, and I am leaving to take her for movie so if you will excuse me. Tulika is about to tell something taunting about Sia when Nima comes and says Tulika you here? Tulika gets shocked.

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