Thapki Pyar Ki 2 24th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode starts with Hansika says she will stay in hotel. Veena says good but Purab stops Hansika saying she will stay with them as it’s his decision along with Thapki and we know the reason behind her stay Mom. Veena asks when he started taking decisions. Purab says let’s talk about it later as Hansika needs rest and he takes her to room. Veena asks Shankar to clean the marks of footsteps. Hansika thanks Purab and tells h that she didn’t feel good when he Fought with his mother for her. Purab says it’s common between us and he goes to send food to her.

Sapna says Pooja got interrupted. Veena leaves to her room than Sapna and Priyanka follows her than Sapna says Thapki is really unique as she bought Purab ex to home. Priyanka says Hansika is cunning so she may win Purab and throws Thapki from his life. Sapna says who will go out of Purab’s life, Thapki or Hansika. Priyanka says or Chachi. Veena gets angry and tells them Purab won’t go from her. Worker brings food to Hansika. Thapki asks her to press the bell if she wants anything. Hansika asks if everything fine between her and Purab. Thapki says Maata rani United us so we have to fulfill this responsibility so take rest as I have to go to office. Hansika asks why office than Thapki says Purab gave her job. Hansika thinks is she mad? As she married to rich person in the city but still she wants to work amd firstly I felt bad but now I feel she won’t deserve to be Purab wife and Veenadevi daughter in law.

Veena Devi gets angry on Thapki and questions why she brought Hansika and Purab has filled your maang, but this house is not yours. Purab says yes, this house K
Sapna tells Veena who will go out of Purab’s life, Thapki, Hansika. Priyanka says or Chachi. Veena Devi gets angry on Thapki for bringing Hansika here, and says Purab has filled your maang, but this house is not yours. Purab says yes, this house is yours, we are your slaves and this house belongs to Thapki as well, as it belongs to me. Veena says enough than Purab asks won’t they habe right to help anyone? Thapki asks Purab to stay calm but Purab asks her to not involve and tells to his Mom that Hansika will stay with them and leaves. Thapki tries to talk thsn Veena says I realised that you want to separate my son from me but I won’t let you get successful so leave.

Anshul asks Sargam why she is not attending his call. Sargam says won’t he understand that she is ignoring him. Anshul says Rahul is looting you and he is telling to his friends that you payed to his photoshoot and he knows about it. Sargam gets shocked. Thapki asks her Mom if she did wrong.

Jays says views are different from where we see and you didn’t do wrong and that house belongs to you so work hard as I trust that you can do. Calling bell ring than Thapki cuts the call. Ashok asks Jaya to take the tablets prescribed by Doctor. Sudha says don’t know when Thapki will arrange for surgery as our money is getting wasted for Jaya medicine. Ashok leaves. Jaya tells to Sudha that Thapki will return their money. Sudha says you got your voice so search for your love as we are bearing you guys since years. Jaya cries.

Thapki feels happy seeing Mukul and takes his blessings thsn invites him to come inside. Mukul says it’s not good to come iside as I don’t know what Veena devi will react so give these things to Hansika and I always see some sadness in your eyes but remember this house is yours and you can achieve what you wanted with your hardwork. Thapki says he is saying like his Mom. Mukul says he wish to meet her Mom and I will meet her once time arrives. Hansika on video call tells to her Mom that everything is happening according to their plan.

Anjali asks if she is fine with bandage. Hansika says I’m Removing it when needed so fine and I got 21 days of time. Thapki asks if Anjali is fine. Mukul says fine and he asks Thapki to give money to Hansika. Hansika says I lost my confidence when London school rusticated me and this Thapki is talented singer but she is dumb and don’t know how our blood group matched and she praises her Mom acting. Anjali says she can do anything for her. Thapki returns money to him saying thry can take care of it and she fails to see her Mom photo in his wallet. Mukul leaves. Anjali asks Hansika to focus on her plan. Hansika says she will get Purab. Anjali asks what about Veena. Hansika says I have a solution for it. Thapki enters to room which shocks Hansika.

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