Molkki 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Purvi asks her mom Savitha that for what good reason the last option crying. Savitha requests that she free her dad from prison. Purvi tells her that she wont do that and he merits discipline for how he managed Renu. She asks her that for what good reason the last option need to save him even subsequent to knowing reality. Savitha tells her that the latters sibling Tutus life at serious risk and shows his video to her. She says to her that the last option should liberate her dad from prison assuming she need to save Tutu then, at that point. Purvi asks her that who captured Tutu.

Savitha tells her that the latters father is behind this seize. Purvi tells her that she never figured he will stoop this low. She guarantees her platitude that she wont let anything happen to Tutu. Afterward, Purvis father emerges from the prison. Purvi argues him to not hurt Tutu and leave from her life. He giggles at her. Sakshi sees them and thinks that she caught Purvi effectively.

Purvis father arrives at the royal residence and calls Savitha. Virendra asks him that what is he doing there. Purvis father lets him know that he came to take Savitha. Purvi lets him know that Savitha wont go anyplace. Savitha tells her that she need to go with her better half. Virendra discovers that Purvi organized bail for her dad. Purvis father takes Savitha with him. Virendra and Renu goes inside furiously. Sakshi observes everything and smriks.

After some time, Sakshi requests that Renu avoid Purvi in light of the fact that Purvi is truly crafty individual. In the interim, Virendra lets Purvi know that he didnt loved that she organized bail for her dad. She illuminates him about Tutus grab and lets him know that she had to do this and shows Tutus video to him. She is sorry to him. He requests that she not stress since he can get her and embraces her.

Renu lets Sakshi know that she will instruct example to Purvi. She says to her that she cannot remain with Purvi so she will request that Virendra toss Purvi out of the royal residence. Sakshi tells her that Virendra is visually impaired in Purvis love so he wont do that. Renu asks her that what she ought to do now. Sakshi requests that she win Purvis trust and afterward sell out her. Renu gestures at her. Sakshi feels that Renu is her pawn to isolate Virendra and Purvi.

Following day, kids lets Purvi know that they ought to go out with Renu. Purvi leaves for NGO to meet Sudha. Renu requests that children prepare. She lets Virendra know that she really wants cash. He requests that she get it from Purvi. She illuminates him that Purvi isn’t in the royal residence. Purvi comes there and lets Virendra know that she went to NGO to help Sudha. She gives cash to Renu.

Purvi takes cash from storage and escapes the royal residence in the evening. She gives the cash sack to somebody and requests that that individual return it soon. Following day, Renu lets Virendra know that she wants more cash. Purvi believes that she will be get found out assuming she opened the storage then, at that point.

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