Choti Sardarni 25th November 2021 Written Story:

Scene starts with Reema shouts in torment and Kulwant requests that she push it more. Azar lets Spokesperson know that he will permit only one individual to top off the fuel of the flight. Firoz moves towards his significant other Zabana. One traveler assists him with sitting adjacent to Zabana. Firoz understands that Sabana passed on and cries. He asks others that what befell his better half and why nobody telling anything. Bilal grins seeing him.

In the mean time, Reema brings forth her child. Kulwant salutes Reema saying that its a young lady and she expresses gratitude toward God. Seher asks her that for what good reason child isn’t crying. Kulwant requests that she pat on child. Seher taps on babys shoulder and converses with her and requests that she react for Reemas purpose. Reema gets stressed and sees her child and Seher. Child cries and every one of the women gets mitigated. Everybody in the flight hears babys crying sound. Seher salutes Reema and gives the child to her.

Firoz asks them again that what befell Zabana. Bilal harms his harmed leg intentionally. Firoz shouts in torment and afterward he shouts Vande Mataram. Everybody goes along with him aside from Terrorists. Bilal shoots Firoz and everybody gets quiet. Seher sees Firozs dead body stowing away from others and cries. She illuminates different women about Firozs passing. Kulwant consoles the crying Seher. She tells something to them and propels them to battle against Terrorists.

Didiji asks Spokesperson that for what valid reason Terrorists killing now when they consented to satisfy their requests. She requests that he discover that who passed on at this point. Reema places her child in safe spot and figures that she will get her retribution from these Terrorists. Seher guarantees that she wont let anything happen to her child.

Rajveer gets in the van which going to top off fuel. He causes the driver to lose his awareness and takes driver seat. Azar shows the fuel van to Bilal and requests that he really look at it. Representative lets his group know that until he arranges nobody should shoot the firearm. Rajveer requests that Seher not stress since he is contacting her to save her. He stops the vvan close to flight Bilal comes there and requests that he top off fuel soon on the grounds that he dont have a lot of time.

Azar hears some clamor and moves towards it. Seher sees that she dropped the chain which Rajveer gifted her. She is going to take it yet Kulwant intrudes on her. Rajveer battles with Bilal. Seher and others assaults Terrorists. Azar is going to assault Kulwant yet Rich woman saves her. Then, at that point, Rich woman apologizes to Kulwant and Seher. They ties Azar and his group.

Didiji sees Rajveer and miracles that how he came there. Police and Army salvages travelers. Azar lets Spokesperson know that it wont end with this. Seher lets him know that from this point forward he ought not think little of anybody.

Precap Bilal pushes Seher and attempts to kill Reemas child.

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