Thapki Pyar Ki 2 25th November 2021 Written Story:

The scene begins with Thapki goes into to Hansika room than Hansika cuts the call and wears her phony mortar than she inquires as to why she got back to room. Thapki inquires as to whether she is hanging tight for her Mom. Hansika thinks she got her thsn Thapki says I realize you were feeling the loss of your Mom and you Dad came here and gave these things to you and he told that he will persuade your Mom soon. Hansika says Dads are really correct. Thapki says dont know as I dont have Dad with me and she passes on requesting that Hansika take rest. Hansika says she need to oversee Veena aunt as Thapki is moronic and she goes to Meet Veena.

Thapki composes represent her Mom medical procedure and thinks to talk with Purab about her compensation. Purab emerges from restroom and sprinkles water from his head to wipe his hair. Thapki grins reviewing past occurrence. Purab inquires as to why she is grinning. Thapki says the water fell on her computation book and made a heart by clearing the signs and She shows him.

Purab requests that she make his timetable first as we need to pass on to office inan hour. Thapki inquires as to why he is so glad to go to office. Purab says income of organization is expanded, so invigorated and its happened as a result of you. Thapki says she needs to converse with him about the work and asks him the amount Salary she will get. Purab requests that she prepare, saying they can discuss compensation in office as it were.

Hansika comes to Veena practice room. Veena says she dont like anybody upset her during her training. Hansika says you might feel terrible to get Thapki as your girl in law directly as you disdain Stammering individuals and on the off chance that you didnt traded ladies than you may not be in the present circumstance. Veena requests that she leave from the room. Hansika shows the video to Veena where she is offering cash to Hansika and how she changed the sheets of lady rooms.

Veena inquires as to whether she recorded it. Hansika says reinforcement plan is required, will you need me to show it to Purab. Veena gets stunned. Hansika says you need to keep quiet thusly and dont come in my manner if not I will show these recordings to Purab. Veena inquires as to why she went to their place. Hansika leaves without responding to her.

Mukul derides Anjali for doing nail treatment without pondering their little girl. Anjali says its her decision and in 2 days she will return. Mukul says you generally stress for Hansika yet what befell you this time. Anjali says you maintain mysteries from me so give me your wallet as I need to know which secret you stow away from me. Mukul passes on saying its loss to converse with her.

Dadi calls Purab to eating table. Purab asks where is Thapki. Dadi says she is eating. Hansika sees everything from first floor and she thinks Veena is guiltless that is the reason she didnt know why I got back to this house. Thapki eats. Dadi going to eat peanut butter however Purab stops her and asks Thapki for what valid reason she get peanut butter as Dadi have hypersensitivity with it. Dadi says she dont have some familiarity with about my sensitivity and she takes care of them Sandwich and requests that they end their battle. Thapki hurries to kitchen saying she need to give breakfast to Hansika. Hansika calls Purab to her room. Jaya calls Thapki and illuminates her that tomorrow is her medical procedure and Purab payed the bill. Thapki gets stunned.

Purab goes to Hansika room and she comesout in shower robe and embraces him. Purab asks what occurred. Thapki sees them. Hansika says huge reptile in washroom. Purab checks it and says their isn’t anything. Hansika says perhaps it left so kindly orchestrate bother control administration to my room. Purab concurs and leaves. Thapki requests that she have breakfast and tablets than she requests that she lock the entryway appropriately. Thapki descends. Purab tells her Hansika is terrified of Lizards.

Thapki says I didnt get some information about it and a debt of gratitude is in order for orchestrating my Moms medical procedure. Purab says dont stress as I will cut from your Salary and he requests that she come to office in auto as it wont great assuming chief and mysteries goes in same vehicle. Thapki enlists auto and requests that he take her to Veena records from easy route.

Hansika figures her work will be done in 3 days as Thapki didnt guarantee her freedoms on Purab. Thapki thinks she isn’t feeling great with his closeness with Hansika yet perhaps its his method of managing companions and her auto gets fixed coming. Purab leaves showing her watch. Drives fixes the auto. Veena comes to Hansika room and says you choosed music over Purab than why you returned! Are you intending to take him from me. Hansika says dont think in this manner as Im sanskaari and Purab is hitched man. Veena requests that she stop the show. Hansika says I came here for Purab, so.

Thapki sees Purab vehicle is stall than she requests that he come in her auto. Purab sits in auto. Hansika says dont fault me on the off chance that their relationship gets broken and I just came to take whats mine. Veena says Purab isn’t has a place with her and I dont like Thapki as well yet they look isolated however they are close as something is restricting Thapki with Purab and you dont realize Purab can do anything for Thapki. Hansika looks on. Auto stops in the manner in view of traffic. Purab thinks how to arrive at office on schedule and he gives cash to kinnar and she favors them to have excellent children like them. Veena says Hansika, you cannot separate Thapki and Purab. Hansika says challange is acknowledged so lets simply pause and watch.

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